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thb on May 17th, 2001
Born January 7, 1967. Still going strong.

[German] Diese Seite gibt es auch in Deutsch!. Sie bekommen Sie automatisch, wenn bei Ihnen die Konfiguration der automatischen Sprachauswahl stimmt.

This is the english version of my homepage, set up for the convenience of international users. Links to material of limited interest to you like links to pages in German have been left out intentionally. Still, I hope this serves to satisfy your curiosity.

You can find out more about me on my bio page, where you can also access some poems that I've written and look at a few pictures.

I've created dedicated pages for some of my hobbies: My books page contains a selection of my favourite books with links to relevant resources as well as some reviews of stuff I've read recently. Maybe you find something interesting in there! This page also includes a list of similar book pages. that I've found on the Web.

If you're having a rotten day, brighten it up by visiting my Humor Archive. Over the years, I have collected some 300 pages of funnies from the stuff friends keep mailing around or what you can find on the Usenet humor newsgroups. If you have something that you feel might fit in well, please feel free to submit it for inclusion. One note, though: please send text only and please verify that your submission is indeed freely redistributable. I enjoy Scott Adams or Dave Barry as much as the other guy, but I can't possibly put stuff ripped from their columns on my page.

Wondering what kind of music I usually listen to? Well, check out my Music page for a not necessarilky exhaustive or complete list of stuff I like, complete with some notes and links to relevant web resources.

On the job, I work with computers - primarily with Sun, HP and Linux Unix servers. My private interest on computers centers rather around home computers. The first proper computer I owned was a C64, later on I got into the Amiga scene, writing for the German magazine Amiga Special. Since my interest in the system has flagged ever since the system was buried, I haven't done much work on my Amiga pages since then. Maybe somebody's still interested in the reviews I wrote for My C64 pages are more up-to-date because I've rediscovered the "bread box" thanks to emulation.

When it comes to programming, I prefer Perl these days. In my Perl Corner you can find some papers documenting more or less useful programs that I have written as well as some useful links. Currently, only one paper is fully translated to English, but each program is commented in English, so check out the German stuff, too :-)

German readers can find my hints and comments on Englisch as a foreign language as used by Germany on my blog You Can Say You To Me. The blog's title is of course a pun illustrating a literal translation gone bad, which is also the topic of many of my entries.

As is to be expected, I'm an avid online gamer. My favourites are the classic Quake II and Counterstrike, which I usually play with my friends from Clan [LoL] - The Lavabackflips.

Just recently I joined the online board game playing community Brettspielwelt. While most users are Germans, foreigners are quite welcome! Since January 19 2002, I'm a citizen of the virtual city Las Vegas. If you feel like it, drop by and visit our town and play a game of Backgammon, Tichu or Carcassonne with me. If you haven't been to Brettspielwelt yet, please see Boomer's Brettspielwelt English Help Server first.

Besides that, I collect video games. While I have divested myself of my PC-Engine and Neo*Geo collections, I still own a Super NES, a Sega Genesis, a Playstation, a Sega Saturn and a Dreamcast. My Video Games and Anime page on this web site is sadly out of date as I don't have much time updating and fixing links. Still you might find some of the stuff that I marked up for my page useful.

From time to time I'm selling off stuff from my collections on the German Ebay. You can check my home page there to see a current list of my auctions.

If you have enjoyed my pages, or if you have some criticism, please use my Guest Book to leave a comment.

Thanks for your visit,

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