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Information about the Amiga

This page is no longer being actively maintained.

Where can I find other Amiga-Enthusiasts und Users?

Right there where currently no URL can lead you: On IRC, the Internet Relay Chat, on channel #amiga. There's also a german-language channel, #amigager. Feel free to drop in if you want to brush up on your german. Hubert Feyrer keeps a page that lists all the regulars, complete with their homepages (if available). Check out AmigaGER - die unentwegten IRCler. Don't worry, the page's done in english.

Amiga - Good for a Laugh?!

Dan Barrett's BLAZEMONGER Archive collects his humorous and sarcastic postings to the comp.sys.amiga.* news hierarchy.

My Reviews

Over the years, I have written quite a few reviews for The complete collection of all reviews ever published on the group can be found on the ftp site in the /pub/Amiga/ directory. I've archived my reviews on this machine, too:


Tools and Utilities

Games for the Amiga and the CD32

Links to other Amiga-specific pages

I'm always glad to receive info about new links - just drop me a note, and I'll add it.


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