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thb's C64 Page

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There are quite a few C64 emulators available these days. Please visit these Emulator home pages for more info.

  • CCS 64 is a shareware emulator that is available in DOS and Win32 versions. In my opinion it's well worth the registration, because it is updated periodically and updates are free for registered users.
  • V.I.C.E., the Versatile Commodore Emulator, not only emulates the C64, but also the Vic 20, the C128 and the PET. it's freeware and available for a wide range of platforms, including OS/2 and Linux.
  • C64S is a shareware emulator for DOS. I don't like the fact that you have to pay for each and every update, so I haven't registered it.
  • Frodo is a multi-platform shareware emulator.

For a versatile home-made joystick interface that allows you to connect many types of joysticks and joypads, see the DirectPad Pro page.


I have made available some tools and utilities available locally. I have not aimed to present a complete or diverse collection, but rather software that friends or I have written. Besides that, you should also check out the sites listed below:


Games is what made me get a C64 in the first place. Of course the hardware has made a giant leap since the days of the 6510 at 1MHz. Still, some titles remain dear to me, and these pages commemorate these games.


I've put up a few of my favourite demos for you to view and download.

SID Music

You don't have to run a complete C64 emulator if you only want to listen to C64 music. Check out the SIDPlay homepage for a stand-alone music player that will play ripped music tracks on your computer.

If you want a large and well-sorted collection of C64 music, go and visit the High Voltage SID collection. Chances are very good that you'll find your favourite songs there.


Can't find what you're looking for here? Check out these other sites:


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