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My Favorite C64 Demos

The C64 was my first real computer. One favourite pastime besides playing games was to watch and write small demo programs that would show off the special abilities of the machine. This pages features some of my personal favourites. They're probably not the latest and greatest by current standards, but they present a selection of the stuff I liked when I was in that scene.

Star Frontiers "Pacer"

This is a small but amazing demo by Quark. A version without the SF logo won the first prize in a graphics demo competition run by the German "64er" magazine in 1986.

Star Frontiers Intro for their crack of "Uridium"

A neat little intro that features a space pirate craft shooting a lock off a giant floppy disk. This demo was later redone on the Amiga.

Star Frontiers Intro for their crack of "V"

Nothing too spectacular, but I wanted to have this online for completeness.

Ratt and Ben's "Trap" demo for CNET

This is marvellous: It features a very long tune from Jeff Wayne's "War of the Worlds" and some fancy animation.
(Link: Interview with Ben Daglish)

Tim & Stoat's "Thrust Concert"

This demo shows an animated band playing Rob Hubbard's title tune for the popular game by Firebird.

Jabba's "Comet Disco"

And here we have another Rob Hubbard tune - this time it's Jabba who wraps a little application around it. While the screen text is in german, the idea is simple enough - you're in control of the Comet Disco. Hit the F-keys to toggle the various color cycles and the number keys for sounds effects - and rock the beat!

Metal Bar II

This is another simple demo - just a pic (Mat must've been an Iron Maiden fan at the time he drew that :-)), a scroller and some music. However, this tune by Demon absolutely rocks!

Ming's "Wassermühle"

While Quark was handling most of the coding in the early Star Frontiers days, Ming was doing most of the graphics. This demo is basically an animated rendering of a popular M.C. Escher motif. While it does not present an outrageous coding effort, it sure is one graphics-wise: it was painted by hand, since scanners were extremely uncommon at that time.

Quark's "Balldemo"

"Boing!", the Amiga Bouncing Ball demo, inspired many people to do their own variations on the theme1 - witness "Sproing!", "YABoing!" and all the other offspring (much of which was collected in Fred Fish's AmigaLibDisk collection). Well, this demo here is Quark's port of the original "Boing" to the C64.

UCA's Rosarian

This demo features one of my favourite C64 tunes - a military march done by Rob Hubbard. As far as I know, the tune was never used in a commercial game.



  1. One of the first Amiga games published in Germany by Rainbow Arts falls in that cathegory, too: "Rocket Attack" by James C. Rogers (aka Chris Münch) began its life as a simple hack of the "YABoing" sources. And later on, parts of that code became the code base for "Dr. Fruit" - Chris' and my collaboration on the popular Mr. Do Theme. (back)


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