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Subject: New Elements Discovered!!
From: cipher <>
Newsgroups: alt.cesium
Date: Monday, 12-May-97 15:29:34
Message-ID: 5kgevl$

New Element Discovered!

Administratium (symbol not assigned to date)

Atomic Weight = 0

Has no Protons or Electrons. Has 1 Neutron, 125 Assistant Neutrons, 75 Vice-Neutrons and 111 Assistant Vice-Neutrons giving it an atomic mass of 312. These 312 neutrons are held together by a continuous exchange of Meson-like particles called Morons.

Having no Electrons, it should be inert, howver it reacts and impedes anything it comes into contact with. One researcher noted that a tiny amount introduced into a project caused a 4 day slip in schedule.

Normal half life is 3 years. It doesn't decay, the neutrons exchange places in some as yet to be determined re-organization phase. Atomic Mass increases after this. Exponetially!

Administratium occurs naturally, large deposits can be found in and around government offices, large corporations and school district offices.

Administratium is considered toxic in any dosage or exposure.

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