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Advertising Terms Explained

Author unknown

This is a list of what all the advertising terms on products really mean.


Different color from previous design.

All New

Parts are not interchangeable with previous design.


Imported product.


Almost as good as the competition.

Foolproof Operation

No provision for adjustments.

Advanced Design

The advertising agency doesn't understand it.

It's here at last

A Rush job. Nobody knew it was coming.

Field Tested

Manufacturer lacks test equipment.

High Accuracy

Unit on which all parts fit.


No other reason why it looks the way it does.


Previous flaws fixed - we hope.

Direct Sales only

Factory had a big argument with distributor.

Years of Development

We finally got one to work.


We finally figured out a use for it.

Maintenance Free

Impossible to fix.

Meets all Standards

Ours, not yours.


Heavy as hell.

Less fattening

Now doesn't have the same fat content as pig stomach lining.

High Reliability

We made it work long enough to ship it.


We couldn't make it work long enough to ship it.

Fat Free

You pay for the food, but the fat is free.


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