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From: (Alan Filipski)
Newsgroups: talk.politics.misc,rec.humor,misc.misc
Subject: Re: Dysfunctional
Date: 17 Jan 91 20:53:45 GMT

Definition of "dysfunctional"

In article <2458@risky.Convergent.COM> kathyj@pase70.UUCP (Kathy Johnson) writes:
>In article <HJZ^> (Ian G Batten) writes:

>>I've seen the word "dysfunctional" in various talk.* newsgroups of
>>late.  It seems to be psychobabble, meaning "things I don't like".
 . . .
>>But what's its origin?  What's it _supposed_ to mean?

>dis functional
>not functional

dysfunctional - (adj.) functioning badly or incorrectly. ("dys-" means "badly"; it is not the same as "dis-", as in "disagree"). Here's an example: a person sees an unfamiliar word. Instead of looking it up in a dictionary, he broadcasts a message to thousands of people all over the world asking what it means. Instead of these people looking it up, they in turn broadcast incorrect speculation about its meaning or direct petty sarcasm at the entire spectacle. This would be considered a dysfunctional community.

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