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History of Computer Science

Author unknown

1893: Ada Lovelace discovers Charles Babbage
1895: Ada Lovelace discovers the calculator is more fun than Charles Babbage
1950: COBOL is born; world celebrates
1953: FORTRAN is born; revenge on COBOL
1957: Death of COBOL predicted
1963: BASIC is born; a language for people who do counting on their fingers
1965: Death of FORTRAN predicted
1966: C is on the horizon
1973: Death of COBOL predicted
1974: Pascal is born; competition with C
1977: C is born; revenge on FORTRAN
1979: Ada is born; revenge on Charles Babbage
1982: Death of FORTRAN predicted
1985: Death of Charles Babbage predicted
1986: Death of COBOL predicted
1991: Charles Babbage legally pronounced dead
1993: Death of BASIC predicted
1997: merging of C and C++ into new language D
2001: dark monolith discovered on Jupiter moon; determined to be an old COBOL card deck for an accounts receivable program
2002: COBOL reborn as COBOL++
2010: Death of Pascal predicted

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