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Pulled over

Author unknown

A husband and wife are driving when they get pulled over by a policeman. The policeman goes up to the car and asks for the man's license.

The man replies, "Why do you need by license? What did I do wrong? "

The policeman answers, "You were travelling forty-five miles per hour in a thirty-mile- per-hour zone."

"Come on, officer," the man replies, "you know I was only going thirty- five."

"No, you weren't!" interrupts the wife. "I told you you were speeding. I told you not to go fast. I knew you'd get a ticket."

"Shut up." grunts the husband.

The policeman continues, "I'm also charging you for going through a red light."

"Officer," the man explains, "you know as well as I, that light was yellow, not red."

The wife pipes in, "No, it was most definitely red. I told you it was red. I told you."

At this point the husband is infuriated. He yells at his wife, " Shut up!"

The policeman exclaims, "Hey! Stop yelling at your wife!" He then turns to the wife and asks, "Does he always talk to you this way? "

She calmly replies, "No, only when he's been drinking."

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