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From: Randal Schwartz <>
Subject: Re: Learning Perl
Newsgroups: comp.lang.perl.misc
Date: Friday, 11-Apr-97 07:15:05

Randal on "Learning Perl"

>>>>> "Glen" == Glen Harris <> writes:


I am just starting to use Perl, and have bought the Learning Perl book, There has been alot of talk about the book and people have different views on the book, could anybody give me some guidance on how to use it?

Shall I just concentrate on going through each chapter of shall I start somewhere else in the book ?

It was actually meant to be read holding all the odd-numbered pages up to a mirror, facing East of course, unless you're under the 25th parallel on a Tuesday.

Or, for simpler instructions, *yes*... just read from the beginning until you're tired of reading. Repeat as necessary. Joe Bob says "do the exercises." If it was meant to be read a different way, you'd have read that somewhere by now. :-)

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