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The World's Shortest Books

Author unknown

  • The Code of Ethics for Lawyers

  • The Australian Book of Foreplay

  • The Book of Motivated Postal Workers

  • Americans' Guide to Etiquette

  • The World Guide to Good American Beer

  • Royal Family's Guide to Good Marriages

  • Safe Places to Travel in the USA

  • Bill Clinton: A Portrait of Integrity

  • Jerry Garcia's Guide to Beating Drug Addiction

  • Contraception by Pope John Paul II

  • Cooking Gourmet Dishes With Tofu

  • The Complete Guide to Catholic Sex

  • The Wit and Wisdom of Dan Quayle.

  • Consumer Marketing Ethics

  • Al Gore: The Wild Years

  • America's Most Popular Lawyers

  • Career Opportunities for History Majors

  • Detroit - A Travel Guide

  • Dr. Kevorkian's Collection of Motivational Speeches

  • Easy UNIX

  • Everything Men Know about Women

  • George Foreman's Big Book of Baby Names

  • Mike Tyson's Guide to Dating Etiquette

  • The Amish Phone Book

  • Great Women Drivers Of Today


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