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This Ain't A Chain Letter

Author unknown

This is a fake chain letter. If you do not send it on to five thousand people in the next twenty seconds, nothing terrible will ever happen to you, except for if it does and, well, I had absolutely nothing to do with it. Now for some completly irrelevant stories pretaining to anything but this letter.

Story 1:

Little Tommy Thompson never sent out the letter to the five thousand people. One day, he decided that he wanted to run away from home. He only got to the corner before he became homesick and walked back home, only to find out the door was locked. Now, if he had taken the key, he would have never been locked out of his house.

Story TWO:

If a cats turns its back to you and raises its tail, get out of the way... just thought you'd like to know.

Story III:

There was this lady, named Jan Brady, who had very lovely children of her own.... Oh, sorry, wrong story. Really, there was this lady named Jane Brady and well, she deleted the letter without even reading it. Woowie, big deal. She went on to live a happy, fulfilled life, until she died. Nothing major, she just died, that's it. Big freakin' deal.

Fourth Story:

Well, as usual, we have come to the "Happy Story" part of the letter. So, there was this lovely lady name Snow White. Now, to make a long story short, because the Oscars are on and I don't want to relate the whole boring story, Snow White was chased off by her bit....witch of a evil Queeny thing who wore black and had a green faced mirror, she ran and gave her "services" to seven little midgets. Then she was found by the Queen, chloroformed, and was awakened happily ever after by a kiss from some guy on a horse. They rode off into the sunset, until the horse tripped and broke its leg, having to be shot.

But, otherwise they lived happily ever after, except for the horse of course.

So, you can see that none of these people could have possibly recieved this letter because I am only writing it now. So, in short none of this stuff could have happened, but makles for a damn good letter now doesn't it. Now, just so you understand... nothing bad will happen to you if you don't send this on, unless it happens, in which case you did it to yourself. And, if you find and typos in this letter, pleeze blam thwm onn the typi deamon livving incide my computyre, it hes a bsd happit of acging up.


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