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Hobbies and Interests

Some random notes on my hobbies, special interests and private life.


I prefer reading english in the original, and preferably "light" stuff like Science Fiction, Fantasy or good Crime novels. On a good day, my girlfriend can even talk me into tackling "real" literature. Basically I'm willing to try everything, as long as it's fun.

This is is a collection of some of my favourite books at the moment, provided for your contemplation. Feel free to draw inferences about my taste :-) Maybe this will motivate somebody to read one or the other book listed - in that case, the work on the list wasn't for nothing.

This page contains also a list of similar book pages that I've found on the Web.


My taste in music is probably even more varied than my taste in books: I've got nearly everything starting from Classical stuff over Jazz and Rock up to Grunge and Punk Rock in my collection. By the way, if you are interested in Jazz, you should check out the WNUR-FM JazzWeb.

Since I've jobbed for some time after my Abitur in a Hifi store, I was able to buy some neat stereo equipment. It's probably not the best there is, but definitely the best I could afford at the time. It's still in heavy use, playing

Records or discs? For some this is an issue of a holy war. I'm not that dogmatic. I think records are fascinating, with all the humdrum of preparing one to play and such. A good friend of mine usually compares the ritual of cleaning, dusting and putting on to foreplay, and never fails to give his opinion as "without foreplay, it isn't good sex." On the other hand my disc collection is much more extensive than my record collection. Discs are easier to come by these days, and they're just so much more convenient.


Jutta and I have been taking dancing lessons at the local Tanzschule Mutschler-Morano since spring of 2001. While I did hate it at the start, I've come to like dancing quite a bit in the meantime.


Hm, anything else I forgot to mention? Well, here are two english poems which I wrote some years ago:

For Jutta

I had taken English as one of my two primary subjects during the last two years in school and thus I had been exposed to the work of the bard. Shakespeare's Sonnett XVIII ("Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?") had impressed me very much, and so I tried to follow in his footsteps when the occasion arose.

Carpe Diem

This poem was inspired by the quote in Peter Weir's "Dead Poets Society". It was intended as a present and a reminder for a friend, but it was a doomed effort for two reasons: for one, the subject matter has been gone over by far superior poets, and on the other hand both language and content went totally over the head of the adressee.

There's also an older picture of Jutta and Me, probably sometime in 1990.

Two Photos from 1993: Jutta at the beach in Florida and me in the Japanese Garden in Portland, Oregon.


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