Turbografx-16 / Duo Spoilers, Cheats and Hints

Last modified: 95.01.31

ATS stands for "At Title Screen."


-Extra Credits: ATS press (R,SELECT)x3.  Use U and D to get upto 9 credits.
-Sound Test   : Get into credit mode (above). Press SELECT.
-Level Select : Get into credit mode (above). Press Ix10 for level 2. Press
                I once more for every further level you wish to go. Press
                SELECTx2, RUN.
-Difficulty   : Press UP & LEFT then DOWN & RIGHT while pressing select
 Level        : repeatedly until screen turns Blue (easier) or Yellow (harder).

Air Zonk

-Sound Test :  With the power off, press and hold I, II and SELECT and then
               turn the machine on

Alien Crush

-Extra Ball   : In bonus round with skulls and green aliens, kill all green
                aliens and skulls, except for ONE SKULL. Without hitting skull
                keep ball in play for about 20 seconds. A pterydactyl will
                appear, hit it. 1 million points and an extra ball when
                the board is cleared.

Andre Panza Kickboxing

-Super Code   : 99% on all three attributes & $900,000:  DGDGDGKF
-Hint         : Throughout most of the game, you can use one of two moves.
                Using Selection 1 moves, press and hold U & L and
                button 1 or U & R.  This is when you're facing to the
                right; when you're facing to the left, press U and R
                and button 1 or U & L.

Avenger (Japanese)

-Extra weapons : ATS press U, R, D, L, II, U, L, D, R, I - when you press
   at start    : RUN to move onto the weapon configuration screen, you
                 will have all of the weapons available to you.
-Invincibility : ATS press (U, R, D, L, II, U, L, D, R, I) X 2 and then RUN
                 to move into the configuration area, in addition to all
                 weapons being at your disposal, you will also be invincible
                 to enemies and enemy fire.

Battle Royale

-Reenter Ring:  Press I,U,D,L,R,II,U,D,L,R,II,U,D,L,R,II after being
                thrown out. Your wristbands will turn green.
-Sound Test:    On the wrestler central screen press (L,D,R,U)x4.
-Championship:  On screen announcing championship match press
 Rematch     :  SELECT,Ux2,Rx2,Lx2,II,I. This will allow continues.

Blazing Lazers

-30 Continues : ATS hold SELECT, press RUN.  Wait until "AREA 1" is on
                the screen.
-Unlimited    : Do above, then when game is over you'll have 30 continues.
 Continues    : Instead of pressing RUN right away, press SELECTx2.
                Now press SELECT and then RUN, hold both down until
                game starts.  Even though continues will always = 30,
                it's unlimited!
-16 Lives+:     At triangular boss at end of level 1, avoid the boss
 36 Bombs :     without shooting him. It will eventually get bored
                and leave. You will be awarded 16 live, 36 bombs
                and double your current score. (this also works the second
                time that you encounter this boss during the end, and also
                works with other odd-level number bosses (3, 5 ...)
-Sound Test:    During opening sequence hold SELECT and alternately
                press L,R quickly. SOUND 01 will appear.
-Debug Mode:    From sound test (above) press I,II then press SELECT until a
                graphic appears (press SELECT at a medium rate).
                CODE    EFFECT
                00-09   level select
                77      press U,D before exiting to get invincibility.
                83      Half game (where you can have many satellites)
-Mode Select:   ATS hold SELECT while alternately hitting I,II [*]. Repeat
                until pressing SELECT goes through 4 difficulty levels. To exit
                hold RUN, press SELECT.  ([*] or with the Turbo switches ON,
                press I and II)

Bloody Wolf

-Stage Select:  ATS press II,I,I,II,I,II,II,I then push pad to desired level.
-Sound Test:    ATS press U, hold I+II+SELECT.
-Fast Mode:     ATS press U,D,R,R,I,I,II,SELECT,RUN. A "2" will appear,
                and your man will run faster.
-Hover Mode:    ATS press D,U,L,L,II,II,I,SELECT,RUN. A "3" will appear,
                and the jump button now controls hover.
-Extra    :     When at strength 2, climb up a fence. Press R+I+II for
 Firepower:     50 shotgun, or L+I+II for 50 bazooka.
                When at strength 1 and on a barricade, press U+R+RUN+II
                for 10 flash bombs, or D+L+RUN+II for 10 super grenades.
-Flame Thrower: When parachuting at the start of rounds 2 and 5, hold
                U+I+II, press RUN for 50 flame thrower.


-Stage Select:  Play a game and get 300 as the HiScore, wait until the game
                goes through it's first demo mode, then as the title screen
                unfolds, press D, Select, I and II.  When the menu appears,
                Press Run (while still holding the other keys) and you'll
                get a combo stage/item select menu.
-Passwords   :  2-3:  MOYAESTP
                2-8:  RUYHITPP
                3-3:  ROCCNOZC
                3-5:  RAHNQHZC
                4-2:  RUNANMPS
                4-3:  ROCCNNZV
                5-2:  MKONVWVH
                5-4:  MXECVLTK
                6-1:  MXECPSCY
                6-5:  MBAAINCY
                6-6:  MBNAINTY
                7-1:  RAOYQNEV
                7-4:  UCOZONTN
                8-1:  MORAPHPP
                8-4:  RAZZPONN
                8-7:  MKKAPBRK
                8-8:  UWAFTHKH
-Bonuses    : 18,800 points:  Destroy all the blocks without getting any
                              of the enemies.
              24,800 points:  Stand still for three minutes.
              39,800 points:  Get all enemies without destroying any of
                              the blocks.
              111,110 points: If the last block destroyed is the exit block.
              123,450 points:  Have one enemy left and be standing on the
                               exit when timer shows 3:33 left.

Bomberman '93

-Extra Flame : You can start at Stage A-2 with 2 flame power ups (rather
 Password    : than 1) by using the following password:  DDCFBBHB

Bonk's Adventure

-Shortcut   :   When you fall downward in the water, rather than swim
 Through 5-3:   to the bottom, stay on top of the water in the right
                hand corner. When Bonk's head is 1/2 out of the water,
                jump and spin while pushing R to get above the screen.
                Keep going right until you reach the skull elevator.
(also see the additional file containing all of the hidden items)

Bonk's Revenge

-Bonus Round  : Go to difficulty select menu & then press and hold II and
 Preview      : press RUN.
-Remove word  : Press Run to pause, the press I + II + Select.
(also see the additional file for all of the hidden items)

Boxy Boy

-Passwords    : level 201 = MACKY
                level 255 = MICKY
                hard game = MEDIA


-Secret 1-Ups : In level 9 look for the second set of two stacked pipes. Crawl
                inside the bottom tube to get a 1-up in a multi-dimensional
                area. In level 20 find the statue in the middle of the stage
                and crawl into it for a similiar 1-up.
-Continue     : As Bravoman is dying press RUN and II simultaneously.
-Continue 2   : (from same spot) Press & hold RUN after you die.  A message
                will tell you that your life meter has been filled.
-Secret Game  : ATS press II,SELECT repeatedly until secret game starts.
-Continue With: At end of stage jump past Lottery Man.
 Luck Symbols :
-Infinite     : Play normally until EXACTLY 10,000 points. Kill game
 Continues    : off. Don't continue, wait for title screen. ATS
                press U,R,D,L,II,SELECT,II,SELECT. Continue
                indicator should read infinite.


-Special Items: Amulet of dragon:  Jump from rope into the rock on right and
                walk through rock located in continent four!  Amulet gives
                you 65,535 gold.  On ledge to top left of rope, there's a
                green dragon.
-Secret Rooms : Secret opening is a shortcut throught the fire rope area
                in continent four, which will take you safely through this
                section.  Once you're through the fire rope area and have
                fallen from the cliff, walk through the wall on the right to
                find a life bell.
                In final castle, look for invisible vines and platforms.
                These will lead to such useful items as the life bell and
                elixir.  One such place is the chamber to the right of the
                princess, annother is on the lower levels of the castle.
                Every character can reach the vine, but the angle of jump
                will be different.
-Continues    : ATS after game is over, press & hold I+II+D on thumb pad,
                then press RUN.  This allows you to continue 3 times from
                beginning of the last stage you were on.
-Special      : Simply enter your name as TORU and you'll start the game
 Password     : in the cave just past the first boss character with
                the maximum experience level of 20! To perform this
                trick in a two-player game, just enter the name TORU for
                both characters.

Chase H.Q.

-Stage Skip :  ATS, press Right, I, Left, II, Up, SELECT, Down,
               SELECT.  You should hear an odd-sounding chime when you've
               completed entering the sequence.  Start the game with that
               code, and you will be able to exit from any stage by holding the
               control pad diagonally in the Upper Right position and pressing
               I, II, and SELECT at the same time.  Repeat the process at
               each successive stage to skip through the entire game.
-Sound Test :  Enter the following code at the title screen: L, R, I, II,
               D, SELECT, U, SELECT.  Press any direction on the control
               pad and a two-digit sound code will appear at the bottom of the
               screen.  Press Up, Down, Left, or Right to change the sounds,
               press I to listen to the current sound or II to reset the code
               to zero.

Chew Man Fu (Be Ball)

-Golden Balls : ATS hold I+SELECT, press L+U
-Passwords    : Battle only bad guys - 075653
                Area 10 = 677261

China Warrior

-Debug Mode   : Press Run and Select to reset the game, release Run during
                the title screen and press U.  Now release Select and
                press Ux3, Rx6, Dx2 Lx2.
-Continues    : When "The End" appears, hold I+II+R, press RUNx2. This gives
                3 continues.
-Continues 2  : ATS after game is over, press & hold I+II+D, then press RUN.
                This allows you to continue 3 times from beginning of the
                last stage you were on.
-Level Skip   : To start your quest on the second act (one game finished),
                hold Up while pressing the Select, I, and II buttons.  You can
                continue by doing the same maneuver, but press Down instead of

Cosmic Fantasy 2

-Cinema Code  : As the game is loading, press Run, Select and left until a
                secret menu appears
-Debug        : After you press RUN at the TG16/DUO CD title screen, hold
                down SELECT, RUN, and Left on the control pad.  Continue to
                do this until you enter a special "Multi Debugger" menu.
                This will allow you to listen to the sounds, and also watch
                the different animated sequences.


-Level Select : Go to the options menu, place the cursor on EXIT and enter
                Down, II, II, Left, I, Right, Select - a level select will
                appear (you can got up to level 4) and you will have twice
                as many continues.

Crater Maze

-Special     : To get 10,000 point Hu-card, dig 255 holes. To get 20,000
 Scores      : point NEC icon, get all the chests without killing any
               enemies. To get a 1-up, create 64 tombstones.
-Expert Mode : To start on any level in expert mode the password is
-Passwords   : Normal & Difficult Modes:
               Level 30: Pink/Forward, Blue/Forward, Blue/Left, Pink/Backward
               Level 60: Blue/Left, Blue/Left, Blue/Right, Pink/Forward
               Expert Mode:
               Level 30: Blue/Right, Pink/Right, Pink/Left, Blue/Backward
               Level 60: Blue/Backward, Blue/Backward, Pink/Right, Blue/Forward


-Ultimate:      Collect power ups in the following order: Red, Blue, Green,
 Weapon  :      Green, Yellow, Red. Loose all your shield and instead of
                the normal staring weapon, you will have a super weapon.
                Collecting Shield or Invincibility items will not affect
                this trick, but extra color items will prevent it.
-Unlimited    : ATS (or GAME OVER appears) hold down I,II,SELECT and then
 Continues    : press RUN.  If reset game while playing, repeat trick and
                you'll begin where you left off!
-Password     : ATS hold LEFT then press SELECT and password promt will appear.
-Passwords    : Full laser (orange?) MIDORI
                Free Hit        EIKOCHAN
                Ending          SARA
                Music and Sound effects ON:   OTOON
                Misuc and Sound effects OFF:  OTOOFF
                Full power-up passwords:
                        Red             AMI
                        Blue            RIE
                        Green           NAOMI
                        Orange          HIDORI
                        Invincibility   MIKARIN
                        Arcade Screen   MAKIRIN
                        Sound Mode      SCSI
                        Color bard      IRO
                        Easy            YANDI
                        Hard            YANDI (then press I, Run)
                 Level select passwords:
                        Stage 1         MAI
                        Stage 2         EMI
                        Stage 3         YUUMI
                        Stage 4         PERSIA
                        Stage 5         YU
                        Stage 6         HAMI
                        Stage 7         MIHO
                        Stage 8         LALAMOTO

Dead Moon

-Stage Select: Point the control pad to the lower left and hold it there,
               hold down the I and II buttons and press RUN.

Deep Blue

-Restore      : When energy is low, press RUN continously to slowly gain
 Energy       : back strength.
-Continues    : ATS, hold I and press Start.
-Continues 2  : You must reach B.  When game ends, press SELECT (instead
                of RUN) to begin from the level you died on.  Can continue
                3 times.
-Recharging   :  Don't shoot as you travel through level.

Devil's Crush

-Sound Test  :  During game press RUN, SELECT to get to score screen.
                Press U,D,L,R,I. Choose and stop sounds with I and II.
-Sound Mode  :  Pause game, then U,R,D.
-Passwords   :  Unlimited Balls: AAAAAAHAAA
                Lots of Balls:   NAXATSOFT1
                Ending Password: DAVIDWHITE or FFFFFFFEEE
                Two player password:  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAABCE.  Player 1 =
                                      unlimited  balls, player 2 = 32 balls.
-Weird codes :  Input any password.  For the last letter of the password
                input A, press I and then RUN.  If this doesn't work then
                continue to B then C, etc. until you get one that works.
-Bonuses and :  Blue ball:  complete any one of bonus stages
 Balls       :  Pink ball:  send ball through tower after destroying all but
                            one of tower guards
                2,000,000 point bonus:  when putting ball into play, send it
                            into crown without touching slime roulette.
                100,000,000 points:  Get the face to the last stage with your
                            bonus tip points between 60 and 69, and have your
                            bonus multiplier at 9.  This is tough.
-Create your own password:
        Meaning (letters correspond to numbers are A=0, B=1, C=2 ... Z=25):
        A:  Control byte:  Leave at "A", it's used to confuse code hackers.
        B:  Score x 100
        C:  Score x 1,600
        D:  Score x 25,600
        E:  Score x 409,600
        F:  Score x 6,553,600
        G:  Score x 104,857,600
        H:  Balls x 1
        I:  Balls x 16
        J:  Checksum Byte:  To figure it out, easiest way is to input all
            the letters for the code, then start at "A" and hit RUN, then
            cycle through to "Z" until one works!

Double Dragon II (Japanese)

-Stage Select  : ATS, press I, II, I, II, run
-Clear Mission : Pause game, press and hold I, II and Select.  Unpause while
                 still holding
-Visual Test   : ATS press and hold I, II and Select, as the screen fades,
                 press Run.  Use Up?down to change, and II to view.

Double Dungeons

-Password to  : 2R3KD4RG0J9D3YT0664LJ.
 22nd Level   :
-Password to  : (places you in front of the final boss' door)
 Level 22     : YNzYSMChriGIgLV-ihOdfCGe.
-Player two   : Put in regular code for 1st player, enter K x 24 for second
 invincible   : player.
-Start with a : Start game with 1 or 2 players, and pick dungeon you want
 level 45 char: to play.  As soon as game starts, push RUN to bring up
                password, write it down.  Now, cross out characters 10 through
                14 and replace with NNNNb.  For two player game, cross out
                characters 34-38, replace with NNNNb.  Now reset, enter new
-Weird codes  : When you start any level, get a password.  Replace first
                three to five characters of this code with combinations of
                x,y,z and other symbols.
-Password for : Enter Player01 or Player02 (all the rest are dashes or
 65535 HPs    : plusses)

Download (Japanese)

-Level      :   1    OEF07LF0FB
   Passwords:   2    OEF05LF07B
                3    OEF0KLF0VB
                4    OEF0HLF05B
                5    OEF09LF0HB
                6    OEF0CLF0PB
                End  OEF0QLF09B

Dracula X (Japanese)

-Stage select:  Enter  X-X!V''Q  as your name

Dragon's Curse

-Be Hu Man at : Password = NODEGOSOOOOOOO
 the Start    : ("MODE FOR OOOO OOO" in Japanese version).
-Stop the     : Password = RMAYTJEOPHALUP
 Door Noise   : ("PLAY THE ONGA KUN" in Japanese version).
-Fill All Life: When using a medicine after dying, hold II to fill
                the life meter completely.
-Password     : start with advanced items and abilities:  3WSURYXZY763TE

Dragon Sabre (Japanese)

-Screen Shape:  Hold SELECT and Press RUN 30 times for a narrow screen

Dragon Spirit

-Continues:     ATS hold I, press II, wait for a "clink." This gives two
-100 Continues: ATS press D,R,SELECT,D,II,D,I,L,SELECT,U,I,II,I.
                Press RUN to start. If done correctly gives 100 continues.
-Screen Shape:  Hold SELECT, press RUN to reset 57 times for narrow
                screen gameplay.
-Sound Test:    ATS press L,R,D,U,SELECT,L.
-Special Gels:  In certain areas there is a Question Mark Gel which gives
                the effects of Power Wing (invincibility), Expander Spell
                (wide shot) and Reducer Spell (small dragon).
                In stage 7, after all the spiders there is a square block
                on the right side. Bomb the very back.
                In stage 8, just before the spears.  When you reach this
                section you can take two paths.  Take the left one.  Bomb
                in the corner of the upside-down "L."
-Arcade Screen: Hold RUN, press SELECT to reset 57 times.

Drop Off

-Level Select: ATS press SELECTx16, press RUN.  Use SELECT to choose level.
-Unlimited   : ATS press RUN+I at same time, then RUN+II at same time.
  Continues  : An x will replace number of credits.
-Sound Test  : ATS hold II, press SELECT.
-Sound Mode  : ATS press and hold SELECT+I.

Dungeon Explorer

-Invincibility:  Enter the password "DEBDE/DEBDA" then press RUN+I. At
                 "PASSWORD ERROR" press II and choose a character. Will
                 also enable movement through most obstacles.
-Second Ending:  Enter invincibility mode (above) then instead of choosing
                 a character enter a password that will take you to a
                 point in the game after Natas steals the Orb (AENIP/
                 BLKEE is one).  Go sit on the empty throne.
-Name Change  :  Input CHECK NAMEA as password.  This will allow you to
                 input your name.
-Weapon Control: HOMIN GAAAA
-Stage Select:   With invincibility code entered, walk into one of 15 bushes
                 in front of Axis Castle.  1 is the left-most bush,
                 15 is the farthest right.
                        1.  Natas
                        2.  Balamous Tower
                        3.  Rotterroad (path to Judas)
                        4.  Mistose Dungeon
                        5.  Ratonix Dungeon
                        6.  Reraport Maze
                        7.  Rally Maze
                        8.  Bullbeast
                        9.  Melba Village
                        10.  After Gutworm
                        11.  Nostalgia Dungeon
                        12.  Water Castle
                        13.  Road to Cherry Tower
                        14.  Stonefield
                        15.  Karma Castle
-Hidden Chars:  Play a one player game with the Bard, get over 50 HP and
                then go into the Hermit's House (second house to the West
                of Axis Castle) - you will then be transformed into the
                Hermit (yes, your HP will drain, don't worry, you'll get
                it back). [alternatively, you can enter IMGAJ MDPAI to play
                the level 1 "Harmit" - their typo, not mine]


-Debug: At the title screen, enter: press Up, Up, Down, Down, Right, Left,
        Right, Left, II and I on the control pad.  Choose "visual" to view
        any of the games animated scenes, or select "music" to listen to
        songs from the CD.

Exile 2 (Japanese)

-Visual  : ATS, choose Continue, hold U and press RUN.  You
  debug  : need at least one save to do this.
-Extra   : After the ending, press I, II or direction key.  You can move
  stuff  : the cursor while pressing I and you can listen to musics and
            such.  This can be done by just using non-SCD system card.
-Fakyl   : In the action stage, select Lightning for Fakyl's Magic.
  trick  : Hold R, L, or U and I & II with rapid fire on.

Fantasy Zone

-Invincibility: Pause the game, then press II, Ix2, Ux3, Dx4, Rx5, Lx6.
                This must be done once for each level.  (for the Japanese
                version, press I, IIx2, Ux3, Dx4, Rx5, Lx6)

Fighting Street

-Various Tips : Achieve a high score and input one of the following initials,
                ".LK",".AS",".HU",".SD" then allow the coninue timer to
                run out. ATS hold L,I,II, press SELECT. The codes do this:
                .LK allows easier use of the special moves. Push pad in
                direction of enemy and press SELECT to throw a fireball.
                Press pad away and press SELECT for Hurricane Kick. Press
                pad D and towards enemy to do an uppercut.
                .AS allows stage selection.
                .HU gives 7 credits.
                .SD does all three of the above.
-Opponents    : Use slow motion on TurboStick.
 can't hit you:

Final Lap Twin

-End Quest   : CARR"kM  LA"V3F1
 Code        : LAAAAAD  MQJAAGj

Final Soldier (Japanese)

-Stage select: ATS press L, L, I, R, R, II, U, D, U, D (must be done quickly!)
-Sound test  : ATS Place the cursor on SET-UP and press the "Stage Select"
               code (above).

Flash Hiders (Japanese)

-Speed & Boss : At the mode selection screen, with "Scenario" at the center
   Code       : press R 8 times.  Then press L, R, L, R, L, R, L, R, II.
                You will see a selection screen with 1)speed and 2)boss
                character.  You can then turn on/off the boss character
                and change speed up to 10 stars.

Forgotten Worlds

-Two Player  : When the title screen reads "Push Run Button," hold
 (mixed play): down the I and II buttons and press RUN to reveal this
               option.  In the "mix play" mode, Player one controls
               the main character and Player two controls the
               "satellite" weapon.  Use the I and II buttons to
               rotate the sattelite, and press any direction on the
               control pad to fire.

Galaga '90

-Red Capsule  : ATS start game by holding U and pressing RUN. Capsule above
                ship selection should be red, not blue. At the first level,
                shoot the last enemy, and it will release a red
                capsule (triple ship).
-Galactic     : Don't shoot or move during bonus stage.
 bonus        :

Gate of Thunder

-Stage Select : ATS press I, II, II, I, Select, I, II, I, II, Select,
                Select, Run - you'll now have "STAGE" in your configuration
-Bomberman    : To access Bomberman on the 3-in-1 disc, go to the menu and
                enter Up, Right, Down, Left, II - you'll hear a chime and
                then (in a moment) you'll be at the Bomberman title screen.

Genpei Toramaden (Japanese)

-Configure Menu: ATS press U, R, D, L, I, II

Genpei Toramaden Volume 2 (Japanese)

(see Samurai Ghost)

Godzilla (Japanese)

-1P Stage    : ATS press UP-RIGHT and RUN, then while holding SELECT
  select     : press R, R, R, U, U, U, L, L, D, II (within 4 seconds).
-2P Monster  : ATS press UP-RIGHT and RUN, then while holding SELECT
  select     : press R, L, R, L, R, L, U, D, U, D, R, II (within 4 seconds).
-High speed  : ATS press UP-RIGHT and RUN, then while holding SELECT
  mode       : U, R, U, R, U, R, II (again, within 4 seconds)

Gradius II (Japanese)

-Full Weapon :  During the games, Pause and press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left,
  Power up   :  Right, Left, Right, II, I.  Unpause (this can be done up to
                3 times on the EASY level, and only once on the other levels)
-AC.Mode     :  After you press RUN to load the game, press and hold
                UP + I + II until the title screen appears (you can use RUN
                to skip the displays).  The Options menu will now have
                "AC.MODE" at the top [any idea what this does? - it disables
                the continue feature, for one. ..]


-Passwords    : Amazon:  5ZWXYG5G2DVN
                Amazon Jungle (3 lives):  9M2HYP5KG29V
                The Orient (3 lives):  WIIBYG5KGL8T
                Iceland:  NEJVY95B2SDP
                Iceland (1 life):  GYTIYP592GGY
                Bermuda:  1R82YI5GGINQ
                Bermuda Triangle (5 lives):  IPSSYI5G28GB
                Bermuda Triangle complete & 6 lives:  JKBQYG5BGCNW
                Alien Planet:  9F5YYI5BGL1M
                Alien Planet (2 lives):  9HX4YI5HGDHR (?)

It Came From the Desert

-Special: Their's a weird "bug" in the "Tunnel Combat" scenes, and it's
          different than the giant ants you meet; this one's a flaw in the
          game's programming.  When Buzz gets close to a giant ant or
          Antroid, press the II button to make him jump over his enemy and
          press the RUN button to pause the game when he's in the middle
          of the jump.  Then, while Buzz is suspended in mid-leap, press the
          RUN button repeatedly to make him slowly float through the air,
          passing over all the enemy creatures all the way to the end of the
          tunnel!  When you reach a doorway or power-up and you want to
          land, press I or II and the game will continue.

Jackie Chan's Action Kung-Fu

-Stage Select: At the title screen, press Up, Down, Left, Right, and II.
               You should hear a chirping sound if you've done it correctly.
               After you hear the sound, hold down the SELECT button while you
               press and hold RUN.  You'll see a wild-looking stage-select
               screen.  Press Up or Down to pick a stage, and press RUN to
               warp directly to it.

JB Harold - Murder Club

-Music Test:    At end of game, when "END" is on the screen, wait until the
                music ends, then press RUN for a choice of 3 CD songs.

Jim Power (Japanese)

-Passwords:  Level 2:  WELLDONE
             Level 3:  BRAVOJIM
             Level 4:  SMARTBMB
             Level 5:  LAST ONE

JJ and Jeff

-Continue     : When "Game Over" is on the screen press and hold I+II, then
                press RUN.
-Secret Warps : Level 1-4B find brick bridge, kick right corner of bridge
                & fall in.  On level 3-3B go about 1/2 way through until
                2 rats follow you.  Jump on top of them onto 2 bricks.
                From there jump up, automatically warps you to level 6-4.
-Extra Men    : If you're at least 5 block lengths away from a lamp post,
                jump while kicking and hit the post perfectly.  Don't worry
                if it doesn't work the first time, takes practice.

Keith Courage

-Debug Mode:    Turn off system.Hold I+II+SELECT+RUN  Turn on system. When
                "START" appears press Ux8. Choose with SELECT,I and II. RUN
                to start.
-Beat the  :    Confront the last two enemies, Baron Chairman and
 Titan Boss:    Stitch. Go right and jump down the hole. Go left
                until the end of the plain. To the extreme left
                is another piece of plain, jump to it. Run to the
                right, letting Keith fall diagonally and land in
                front of B.A.D. Boss. Without moving left or right
                jump up repeatedly and hit the boss with the Alpha
                Sword until he dies.

King of Casino

-Championship:  5 player championship round password,
 Round       :  (space)(space)KINGofCASINO(space)(space)


-Options Screen : ATS press Select.
-Stage Select   : At Options Screen (above), hold II+SELECT then RUN.
                  I & II buttons will change brightness of screen.
-Sound Test     : In stage select (above), hold II+SELECT then RUN
-Extra Credits  : When continue screen appears, hold SELECT and press UP
                  for extra credit.
-Look at levels : From options screen, press & hold SELECT while pressing RUN.  Use U & D to look through all the levels.
-Sound Mode     : From the "Look at levels" screens, hold I then press RUN.

Last Alert (Red Alert)

-Get All       : When first starting the game, choose CONTINUE to get
 Weapons       : one of each option weapon.
-Visual Sound  : ATS hold Select, press I, II, I, II, Up, Down, then Run.
 Test          : You can only access this code once you have finished the game?

L-DIS (Japanese)

-Debug Menu: At the difficulty select screen press 1 R L 2 U D 2 1 2 1

The Legendary Axe

-Extra        : When the screen reads "Game Over" hold I+SELECT and
 Continues    : press L as many times as possible.

Legendary Axe II

-99 Continues:  When last man dies, hold II+RUN. press L repeatedly to
                gain extra men. Stop at 99.

Lords of Thunder

-Boss Mode    : Go to the configure screen, set up level=HARD, music=01
                and sound=01, then press Select+I (you can return to
                level=NORMAL debore exiting) - this will bypass the stage
                and go directly to each stage's boss.
-Start with   : Go to the configure screen, set up level=SUPER, music=02
 10K crystals : and sound=02, then press Select+I.

Master of Monsters (Japanese)

-Make Enemy:    With the computer enemy, during a campaign set,
 Surrender :    on turn 10 during the enemy's phase press Run
                to get to the options menu. Choose  and
                 to advance to the next map.

Maze of Elfane (Japanese)

-Debug Mode   : ATS press Down, Select, I, II, Run.

Military Madness

-Sound Test   : Enter password "ONGAKU".
-Switch Colors: Turn on system and reset, but do not release SELECT. Choose
                one player continue, and enter a map name. Start and the
                computer is blue.
-Computer     : Choose 2-player continue.  Then hold SELECT, press I button.
 Auto-Play    : Now enter password for map you want.
-Switching    : Before choosing "1P CONTINUE", hold SELECT AND push RUN until
 Sides        : the password screen appears.
-Computer vs  : Do same as above "Switching sides" but on the "2P CONTINUE"
 Computer     : screen.
-Passwords    : Level 1:    Revolt
                Level 2:    Icarus
                Level 3:    Cyrano
                Level 4:    Ramsey
                Level 5:    Newton
                Level 6:    Seneca
                Level 7:    Sabine
                Level 8:    Aratus
                Level 9:    Galois (Golois?)
                Level 10:   Darwin
                Level 11:   Pascal
                Level 12:   Halley
                Level 13:   Borman
                Level 14:   Appolo
                Level 15:   Kaiser
                Level 16:   Nector
                Level 17:   Milton
                Level 18:   Iragan
                Level 19:   Liptus
                Level 20:   Inakka
                Level 21:   Tetros
                Level 22:   Arbine
                Level 23:   Rectos
                Level 24:   Yeanta
                Level 25:   Monoga
                Level 26:   Attaya
                Level 27:   Deshta
                Level 28:   Nekose
                Level 29:   Eratin
                Level 30:   Soleis
                Level 31:   Sagine
                Level 32:   Winner

Monster Lair

-Unlimited      : When entering initials on the scoreboard, hold SELECT
 Continues      : and enter "68K". As long as 68K is on the scoreboard,
                  continues are unlimited.
-Two Players    : Connect TurboTap with a controller in port 2. Choose
 in One         : two player game, start game, then pause. Replace
                  TurboTap with one controller. Unpause and overlap characters.
-Continue from  : When "Game Over" appears, press L,R,D,U, hold SELECT and L.
 where you died :
-Sound mode     : ATS press and hold I+II then press RUN.

Moto Roader

-Change the   : Pause during the game. Hold SELECT. Tap I or II
 Music        : button to change music.
-Show Time    : At course selection hold SELECT, press R. At end, the
                winner's time will be shown.
-Cars Slip    : At course selection hold SELECT, press L.
-$50K at Start: At course selection hold SELECT, press II.
-Sound Test   : Enter MUSIC or ART88 on entry board.


-Passwords  : For 5 Medallions and 78 Bombs - TQinHIUCDOQJ  l$ZEhVQJNAwI
              The Sky Password - KgKc%h5oFfep   Qy1XwcjZXDVn
              Ending Password - yP5ESDjsMwPB   NDCYSzhXr%PP
-Quick      : When die, at room leave and reenter it immediately.  When
 Fill-up    : old lady asks if you want password, respond "yes" and
              answer "yes" when she asks if you want to continue.  Then
              reset game, select continue.  Password you just received will
              be displayed.  Cursor over to End & you'll start at same point
              with all your life cells filled!

New Adventure Island

-Stage Select: Press Left, Left, I, Right, Right, II, Up, Down, Up, Down.  The
               music will change and a number will appear in the lower left
               corner of the screen.  Press Up or Down to change the number,
               and hit RUN to start at that level.

Ninja Spirit

-Stage Select: ATS press II,I,II,II,I,II. Hold SELECT, press RUN. Move
               pointer to stage select (hold Select for stages 4-6).
-Messages    : ATS press II, I, I, II, Select, Run for one message,
               press I, II, II, I, Select, Run for another.
-Sound Test  : ATS hold Select and press Start.  Sound Test Option appears
               in menu.


-Test Mode    : ATS hold RUN, press SELECTx6. Release.
                Hold I+II+U+L. Press RUN. To move selector press
                SELECT+RUN. RUN then SELECT resets.
-Princess Mode: ATS hold down I for 10 seconds.  Message appears on Ordyne
-Continue     : To continue from the same spot you died, press and hold I,
                then press RUN while you are falling.


-Level Select,: ATS hold I+II, press RUNx2 to get options.
 Sound Test & : Release. Press RUN to get to sound test. Press RUN to
 Extra Lives  : get to title screen. Press RUN to get "SKIP 1". Use
                I and II to choose level.  Press RUN to start game.
-Pro Select   : During stage select (SKIP, above), press Ux10. Equivalent
                to finishing level 32 and starting harder set.
-No Hit Mode  : During stage select (SKIP, above) press Dx100. Gives
-Bald Pac-Man : When you reach the end of any round where the "Break Time"
                sign stands, reset the game as soon as Pac-Man's hat flies
                into the air.  Start new game, pacman's hat will hover in
                the air.
Stage Select  : To get to any level after you are in the mode select,
                turn "skip" on.  When you start game, can select where to go.

Parasol Stars

-99 Continues : You must get rainbow necklace that appears early in game,
                which will open a door during the boss level.  Inside door,
                coin will award 99 continues.
-Sound test   : ATS press Down, I, II then Run.

Parodius (Japanese)

-Full Weapon :  During the games, Pause and press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left,
  Power up   :  Right, Left, Right, II, I.  Unpause

Populous (Japanese)

-Access CD-Rom: During "HUDSON" Bee-title screen press SELECT.
 Menu         :

Power Drift (Japanese)

-Continue : When "GAME OVER" is on the screen, press and hold I and II, then
            press Run twice to continue.

Power Golf

Left-handed golfer:  Hold D while pressing I to select a player.

Puzznic (Japanese)

-Password  :  (completed)  NXB T4 PGB  UKA A8 M36


-Hard Level   : ATS hold U+SELECT+II. Press RUN.
-Sound Test   : ATS hold I+II+SELECT.  Press RUN.
-Friends      : Butterflies can appear at the first end boss if at the
                beginning of the stage you save the worm by shooting the two
                enemies which attack it. Do not shoot the worm. If you can
                make it to stage 4 without dying, a big turtle will appear
                and protect you.
-Level select : ATS press RUN to start, then quickly hold II.  Press RUNx5
                for Cause 2, RUNx45 = Cause 3, RUNx25 = Cause 4,
                RUNx100 = Cause 5.


-Extra Credits: Put turbo switch on I to maximum.  ATS hold SELECT+I.
                Press RUN to start game before demo starts.
-Mission Code : Enter the following misssion code for maximum equipent
                and lives, JJL-6589-MB (Japanese only?)

Rabio Lepus Special (Japanese)

-Credits6    : Hold Select and press I, II x 2, I x 3, II x 4; "CREDIT6" will
             : flash above the title (until you release the select key)
-Expert Mode : Hold Select and press I x 2, II x 2
-Yellow Mode : Hold Select and press I x 3, II x 3, I x 3, II x 4
-Blue Mode   : Hold Select and press I x 4, II x 4, I x 4, II x 4
-Green Mode  : Hold Select and press I x 3, II x 3, I x 4, II x 4
-Usagi5 Mode : Hold Select and press I x 5, II, I x 5, II, I x 5, II
-Shield5 Mode: Hold Select and press I x 9, II x 8, I x 7, II x 6, I x 5,
               II x 4, I x 3, II x 2, I


-Power     :  On the Continue screen, press I + II, then as the
  Continue :  counter gets to zero, press Run, you will continue with 3
              weapon power ups and a bomb power up floating around you.

Ranma 1/2 - part 1 (Japanese)

-Debug Menu: While the game is loading press Right + II, then at the
             title screen press Left + Select + II + I

Ranma 1/2 - part 3 (Japanese)

-Passwords:   2BB (part 2)
              3C8 (part 3)
              978 (part 4)
              044 (part 5A)
              B5A (part 5B)
              8C3 (part 6)
              A07 (part 7)
              E99 (part 8A)
              D65 (part 8B)
              F7C (part 8C)
              FFF (play the king for the deed to the Tendo house and
                   Ukyou's restaurant - must beat King by 14 games,
                   the last 2 must be done consectutively)
              666 (Kunou destroys your screen and the system "resets")
              012 (view opening cinemas from parts 1 through 6)
              EEE (show Guide yapping about non-CD ROM2 system)
-Debug Menu:  Enter 111 as a password and press Down + Select + I
-Timer     :  Enter 222 as a password and press Down + Select + I
-Bizarre Pic: Enter AAA as a password and press Down + Select + I

Samurai Ghost

-Stage Select:  To access a complete configuration menu with stage-select,
                life count, and sound test options, press Up, Left, Down,
                Right, II and I at the Samurai-Ghost title screen.

Shadow of the Beast

-Invincibility: ATS press II, I, I, II


Unlimited Life : To refill your life meter at any time during a game of
                 Shockman, simply pause the game and jab the Left, SELECT
                 and II buttons simultaneously.  This is made easier using
                 auto fire if you have it.


-Black and :    ATS press U+I+II+RUN.
 White Mode:
-Slow Motion:   ATS press D+I+II+RUN.

Soldier Blade

-Stage Select: Try this at the title screen: Hold Up and press SELECT, hold
               Down and press SELECT, hold Left and press SELECT, hold Right
               and press SELECT.  Continue to press SELECT and you'll be
               given the option to choose your starting stage.

Somer Assault

-Warp to     : At the "Input your birthday" screen, hold Down and I and
 Final Boss  : press RUN to warp to the final battle.
-Sound Test  : At the "Input you birthday" screen, hold Up and I
 and hidden  : and tap the run button.  You'll enter a sound
 Games       : test menu with multicolored Japanese text;  this
               allows you to sample the music and sound effects
               from the game.
               At the "sound test" menu, press SELECT, Up, Up,
               Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, II, I.
               You'll enter a bizarre screen that flashes the
               color red, and you can alter the brightness and
               flashing rate by pressing the SELECT button to
               switch between the two.  At the flashing red
               screen, press II, Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right,
               Left, Right, II, I.  This puts you into a
               shootem-up game.  Move with you control pad,
               and button II-shoots, and button I-releases a
               smart bomb.
-Black &    :  Start the first stage in Somer Assault and press SELECT
 White Mode :  15 times while the game is in progress.  Next, press
               RUN to pause, then hold I and press Up to change to
               "black & white" mode.  Repeat the procedure to change
               back to color mode.
-Infinite   :  At any point during the action, pause and unpause 100 times.
  1-UPs     :  Once you've done that, you'll find that every enemy you shoot
               for the rest of the game will turn into a 1-Up icon when

Space Harrier

-Continues     : You must reach level 7 and be able to enter your name on
                 the high score screen.  Input CNT as your initials, which
                 will allow you to continue from level 7 if you died at
                 levels 7-12.  If you reach level 13, you'll continue from
-Mode select   : Input (space)MD on high score screen to allow you to
                 change game setup on title screen.

Space Invaders (Japanese)

-Black & White: ATS of the regular game (not the Space Invaders Plus title
   Mode       : screen) press U U D D L R L R 2 1 2 1 Select.

Splatter House

-Level Select  : When house and lightning are on the screen press SELECTx3,
                 then press and hold LEFT and press RUN.
-Sound Test    : In Level Select (above), press SELECT.
-Hard Mode     : ATS, hold the Select button until "HARD" appears on the

Spriggan (Japanese)

-10 extra  : Pause during a play, I, SELECT, II, SELECT, I,
  ships    : SELECT, II, SELECT.
-Stage     : ATS, move the cursor to Option and press U, SELECT, I
  select   : at the same time.  The sound select in Option screen changes to
             stage select.
-Skip      : Pause during a play, R, L, R, L, R, L, R, L, II x 6, unpause.
  stage    : then press RUN while holding L, I and II.

Spriggan Mark 2 (Japanese)

-Stage    : ATS, while Push Run Button is on the screen, push U x 2, D x 5,
 select   : I x 2 and press RUN.  Choose Option, press RUN holding L.
-Control  : Plug in 2nd tap and when an ally appears, push RUN and SELECT
 ally     : at the same time.
-Skip     : Pause during a play, (R, L) x 4, I x 5 and II.  Unpause, then press
 stage    : I, II, L and SELECT at the same time to skip subsequent stages
- High    : Pause during a play, I x 15, II, then clear the pause.
  speed   : The scroll goes faster while pressing I.  With multitap, press
  scroll  : I of the second tap.
-Sheild   : Pause during a play, II, SELECT, R, SELECT, D, SELECT, I x 2,
 recover  : then clear the pause.  You can only use once.
-Split    : Pause during a play, I x 3, U x 3, SELECT x 3.
 screen   :

Summer Carnival '93 Nexzar Special (Japanese)

-Enhanced  : Load game, hold "select" and "run", release when "Summer
  Options  : Carnival '93" screen comes on.  At options sreen you can now
             select up to 9 continues, an extra difficulty level, and any
             stage in the game.

Super Darius (Japanese)

-Game      :    ATS hold SELECT, press RUN.  Choose level, press RUN
 Difficulty:    to play.
-26 Boss Fight: Plug in TurboTap.  ATS hold U+RUN+I on controller 2 while
                hold D+SELECT on controller 1, press RUN on controller 1
                (turbo switches must be down on both controllers and this
                only seems to work the first time after the game is loaded).

Super Star Soldier

-Difficulty  : ATS press L, II, U, II, R, II, D, II, L, I, U, I, R, I, D, I,
 Select, Etc : (I+II)x8, (I+SELECT)x8.

Super Volleyball

-Lightning Serve : Hold U+II, then I to toss ball in air.  Now hold D+II,
                   the I to hit ball when it turns red.
-Serve ball to   : Hold L+II, then I to toss ball in air.  Now hold R+II,
 baseline        : then I when ball is red.
-Serve ball just : Hold L+II, then I.  Continue to hold buttons down, and I
 off 10ft line   : again when ball is red.
-Perform same as : (except lightning serve) Hold R+II instead of holding
 jump serve      : L+II (above?).
-Super Spike     : Hold U+I+II as player is about to receive ball.  Then
                   hold D+I+II as your setter is about to touch the ball.
                   If correctly done, spiker will be glowing when he spikes;
                   opposing player that's hit will be rendered helpless for
                   few seconds!
Passwords        : (USA in league mode):

Sylphia (Japanese)

-2.0 Message : To see the "system 3.0 needed" message on a Duo, press
               and hold button I (turbo off) while the game is loading.

Takin' it to the Hoop

-Beat computer : Make computer foul out all of his men except for 4 of them.
 99-0          : Easiest & quickest way is to get ball in the bottom
                 left-hand corner and push Run button right before he
                 touches you.  This results in fould (timing must be perfect
                 to do this).  When you're on the foul line make the first
                 shot and miss the 2nd shot on purpose, then grab the rebound
                 to repeat the process until you have 8 men fouled out.
-Secret Options: Choose mode select, then choose game select, then press
 screen        : I+II+RUN simultaneously.  When options screen appears
                 change the options using Select & I.
-Secret mode   : ATS press and hold I+II, press RUN once to select players
                 and once more to select type of game.  Turning on certain
                 numbers will do different things.  In the select mode this
                 is what the numbers do:
                        1.  Flag over player 1 (American Flag)
                        2.  Light bulb over player 2 or computer.
                        3.  ?
                        4.  Ending of tournament mode.
                        5.  No music during game.
                        6.  No crowd noise.
                        7.  Keeps the scoreboard on screen during play.
                        8.  ??

Terraforming (Japanese)

-Stage Select:  ATS place the cursor on CONFIG and press Select x 7, Run.

Tiger Road

-Options Menu:  Plug in TurboTap. ATS hold I+U on controller 2. May
                take several tries.

Time Cruise

-Miscellaneous: At the "Option Mode" menu screen: Press Up, Right, Down, Left,
                Up, Right, Down, Left, II, II, II, II, SELECT, SELECT.  A
                new menu selections, titled "90,000,000 Start" will appear.
-Hidden       : The "Practice" option in Time Cruise usually allows
 Practice     : you to play only two of the "Bonus Chance Stages."
 Stages       : But if you press Up, Up, Down, Down, II, II, Right,
                and SELECT while the "Practice Mode" menu is on the
                screen, you can check out all of the game's hidden
                bonus stages.


-Password      : 100th Level - 10898.
                 Select from last 16 rounds to begin play - 0898

Tricky Kick

-Passwords     : last round of 4th puzzle:  QQL3LDCD
                 2-10:  Q2EH53LC
                 3-10:  QQGD3UB6
                 Completed code:  QQLLQ22U


-Invincibility: In the options screen move the arrow to the exit.
                Press button I then button II, in sequence, 5 times each.
                Press run, and you will get a screen that gives you the
                option to cheat.

TV Sports Football

-Passwords       : Multi-Player Championship Password - PTVY.
                   Championship Game - BQVZECUVQEXTS
                   Championship game between Tidal Waves and Sharks:
-Make your team  : In Exhibition Mode enter the visitors team.  Then
 faster          : simultaneously press II + SELECT to enter password
                   mode.  Enter SUPERSPEED, then press END.
-Super Team      : Select "Clipboard" and then examine teams.  On team-select
                   stage, press II,D,U,D,U,D,U,U,U,II and then select team.
-Options         : In either "Clipboard" or "Exhibition" games hold II and
                   then press SELECT to get password screen.  Enter:
                        FIVEMINUTES for 5 minute quarters
                        TENMINUTES for ten minute quarters
                        SUPERSPEED for 12 on speed
                        SUPERHANDS for 12 on hands
                        SUPERSTRENGTH for 12 on strength
                        SUPERAGILITY for 12 on agility.
                        ULTIMATEWIZ = start with 28 points in 1st quarter
                        THECOOKER = prevent other team from tackling your
                        GOLDIELOCK = for no blocked or intercepted passes
                        CORNBREAD = give opposing team 50-50 chance of
                                    fumbling ball on each play on offense.

TV Sports Hockey

-Password     : Canadian Championship - GDMDOCI

Urusei Yatsura "Stay With You" (Japanese)

-Sound Test,:   ATS choose CONTINUE.  When Lum says "press select," press
 Etc            I instead.  Do this 15 times.  Then hold R+RUN+II.  Release.
                Press I.
-More Ending:   At the "I will stay with you...forever" pink screen
                hold L+I+II, press RUN.

Valis II

-Get Weapons :  Hold II, press RUN to pause.  Release.  Press I,II,I,RUN.
                Whenever game is paused, select item with I and weapon
                with II.
-Extra Test  : ATS press UP,I,SELECT,2,DOWN then RUN.
-Visual Debug: ATS press U,II,SELECT,II,D, then RUN

Valis III

-Visual Debug: ATS, press II, II, Left, Right, Down, Up, Run
               Press II to switch between "pages" and I to activate.
               (for the Japanese version, press I, I, Up, Down, Right,
                Left, Run)

Valis IV (Japanese)

-Level Skip  : Pause the game (select button) and press U, D, L, R, U, D, L,
             : R, U, D, L, R, I, I, II, II - you'll hear a chime and when
             : you unpause the game, you will go to the next level.
-Visual Debug: ATS (starting) press Down, Down, Left, II, I, Left, Right

Veigues Tactical Gladiator

-Continue  : ATS hold I+II, then reset game.  Repeatedly press LEFT-DOWN
             & SELECT (or hold them?) until "Continue Mode" appears on screen.
             Number of continues = Score (at time when 1st killed) divided
             by 1,000,000 points plus 3.
-Easy Mode : ATS RESET while holding I+II buttons simultaneously.  Then
             repeatedly press RIGHT-UP & SELECT buttons (or hold them?) until
             title screen appears.  If title screen says "Easy Mode", then your
             power is doubled, amount of units you get at end of stage is
-Music Mode: During play, hit I button & RESET (or after machine is first
             turned on?).  Then press LEFT-UP & SELECT (or hold them?)
             repeatedly until title screen appears.  To get back to game,
             press RESET.
-Tip       : 10,000 point bonus if, after defeating the stage boss, you can
             enter the supply screen with full energy.  For each additional
             boss you defeat with full energy, receive double previous
             points.  1st boss = 10,000 points, 2nd = 20,000, 3rd = 40,000,


-Max Score    : When you find a set of nunchaku, pick them up. Select a spot
                where enemies come continously from one direction. Crouch and
                set autofire to chop away. Ignore the timer, it will only
                kill you when you stand.

Volfiev (Japanese)

-Sound Test   :  Press and Hold I + SELECT, then press L, L, U, U, R, R
-Stage and    :  Press and hold I + SELECT, then press L, L, D, D, R, R, U, R
  Level Select:

World Class Baseball

-Passwords   :  Ninjas - E650
                Apples - 7AB8
                Stars - 8428
                Towers - 8237
                Winds - B595
                Lords - 27F1
                Fries - 91E3
                Togas - 306B
                Bears - 3233
                Ducks - 99DB
                Buddhas - 8ADB
                Sharks - 68CO
                Turbo Champs - 604A
-Team select : (Champs, 2-player/vs mode) Hold SELECT and RUN until both
               teams are chosen.  Enter 604A to get to Turbo Champs.

World Court Tennis

-Meet the      : Password = MNRKNHAAFFFFnPW.
 Tennis King   :
-Divide screen : Go to password screen, enter cone symbol in all the
 into 4 screens: spaces.  Now begin, screen will be 4 sections and sound
                 and game play will be faster than normal.
-Password      : [musical note]KXNPPPP[SPACE x 3]P[SPACE]br.
                 Gives you 55,350, all the pearls, magic ball and inner
                 tube.  First thing to do is find Toronto & buy racket,
                 shirt, and shoes before going to bad king, who is on
                 island just north of Toronto.

Yo' Bro!

-Secret doors : You can use grenades and rockets to open secret
 and Sewers   : doors and sewers.  Level 1:  Move toward the upper right
                from starting place of Lil' Bro, turn right, down the first
                street that you cross, then use a grenade to bomb next to
                the door of the first building you see.

Ys Book I and II

-Password :  Start Ys with 99,999 EPs and 65,535 gold:

             Password to Ys Core:

             Darm Tower 25F:
              all you need to do is hit button 2 to read volume fact

             Y's Core:
             all you need to do for this one is walk through the door and
             talk to the people. it kind of sucks because it takes five
             minutes to talk to all of the people.


Special thanks to:
     Richard Mills      (r.mills@ccd.harris.com)
     Keith Miyake       (kmiyake@cs.rutgers.edu)
     Stephen Sidler     (sjsbh@cunyvm.bitnet)
     Kenneth C.Y. Hui   (ch15@cornell.edu)
     Toshiaki Kuwahara  (kwa@zedlav.pedev.ksp.fujixerox.co.jp)
     Yi Wing H          (yiwi3673@css1s0.engr.ccny.cuny.edu)
     Jeff Hildebrand    (Jeff_Hildebrand@MBnet.MB.CA)
     Hiroshi Haga       (heretic+@cmu.edu)
     Shinji Yaguma      (syaguma@flute.aix.calpoly.edu)
     Keith Kuzujanakis  (Keith=Kuzujanakis%Dayton%DRC@S1.DRC.COM)
     Barrett Ryker &
       Masato Uesu      (muesu@cwis.unomaha.edu)