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Announcing the Rec.Games.Video.Arcade file servers!

There is one main ftp site and *three* mailservers! Use these - FAQ maintainers (and archive keepers) do NOT like getting LOTS of email asking for copies of their stuff. Please respect their wishes and use the automatic processes for getting these FAQs.

Please note also that if you *can* ftp then do so - that frees the mailservers for our AOL and Fidonet and whatever friends who don't have ftp access.


There is an ftp site for RGVA information. It is located at Look in the game_archive directory. There are currently directories for the cheat sheet (cheatList), a directory for the KLOV (gameList), a directory for repair hints (repairHints), and a directory for all the games hints sheets. As well as a bunch of other stuff.

Andy Eddy, of GamePro magazine, also maintains an ftp site at Look in the pub/vidgames directory. The pub/vidgames/faq directory contains a mirror image of the Mailserver files, so you can ftp anything listed in the following Mailserver section directly from


(automatic, 24hrs a day, game playing FAQS)

Please use ftp if at all possible... The following mailserver sites use email as their transport - any messages they serve eat up time used by Georgia State's or my Fidonet BBS' mailing systems. 240 MK3 requests a day tends to slow things down quite a bit. The Fidonet system is slow. It only runs when my computer is otherwise unoccupied... please be patient!

Please read the following instructions carefully - requests that don't follow the proper formatting get dumped in my incoming mail directory. Trust me, you really don't want to deal with 250+ MK3 moves requests in your mail folder. So please read carefully:

I have revamped the RGVA mailserver ... there are now two addresses -- one is for hints sheets, the other mainly for technical info. Use the following charts for help:


Address: (yes ... my email addr ... ELM filters rock!)
Format : "Send <keyword>"     *** CASE IS IMPORTANT ***  (This *is* unix ...)

Send <keyword> *must* be the SUBJECT of your message... if you put it in the text body, I cannot process your message. Message not conforming to the above format will either be replied to with this help file or, if I'm in a bad mood, purged. Your subject line MUST look something like this:

Subject: Send mk2

Choose your keyword (to follow "Send") from the following list:

Keyword        Description
-------        -----------
auction        Steve Ofoz's "Buying from an Auction" faq
cheats         The latest copy of the Definitive Arcade Games Cheat Sheet
help           The RGVA Mailserver and FTP guide (from the FAQ)
klov           The latest copy of the Killer List of Video Games
ki             The Killer Instinct moves sheet
mk             The Mortal Kombat moves sheet
mk2            The Mortal Kombat II moves sheet
mk3            The Mortal Kombat 3 moves sheet
mk3-mini       The "quickie" MK3 moves sheet
nba            The NBA JAMS moves/secrets sheet
operator       Steve Ofoz's "Buying from an operator" faq
primal         The Primal Rage FAQ
rampart        The Rampart help sheet
faq            The Frequently Asked Questions list
samurai        The Samurai Showdown moves/hints sheet
sf2 faq        The Street Fighter II FAQ sheet
sf2 ken        The Street Fighter II Ken FAQ
sf2 moves      The Street Fighter II Moves sheet
ssf2           The Super Street Fighter II FAQ and moves sheet
tssf2          The Turbo Super Street Fighter II FAQ (how long can this go on?)
t2             The Terminator 2 help sheet
virtua         The Virtua Fighters help sheet
vf2            The Virtua Fighters 2 help sheet

Please note that the cheat sheet and the klov are VERY LARGE... if your system or mailer can't handle 100kb+ messages, they WILL bounce and be returned to me as undeliverable. Undeliverable messages will be killed.

My filter runs off Georgia State's ELM mailer program. Sometimes it hiccups. Sometimes it mails files off into the great bit bucket in the sky. It *does*, however, get around 95% of what it send to the proper place. *IF* you send a message and don't get anything within 24hours, then send me email asking for help (to the same address) and I will see about manually sending the appropriate file to you.

I will NOT send copies of lots of files *unless* you can't get the automatic server to work. I just don't have the time.


Address :
Format  : "Request <keyword>" in subject, "Mail-to: <your email address>" in
          text body.  The mail-to line is most important ...
          gets uucp bangpaths for addresses and needs internet addresses for
          outbound mail.

This System is slow - my Fido BBS *only* runs at night when my computer is otherwise unoccupied. Therefore it can take two, three, maybe more days for a message to make a round trip. If you don't have a reply in a week, please send me mail at

Use the following keywords for your requests:

Keyword       Post
-------       ------------------------------------------------
help          This posting (ie ... instructions).
pinouts       A list of the current entries in the pinouts/switches archive.
cheats        Directions on where to ftp the Cheat Sheet.
manufacturer  The list of arcade games manufacturers.
parts         The list of sources for arcade games parts.
nostalgia     The folklore list of easter eggs and other things in old games.

Again, include the following line in the text body of your message:

Mail-to: <your Internet address>

Requests without this line cannot be honored as my inbound UUCP mailer DOES NOT pass incoming Internet addresses in any usable form.

You can also request entries in the Pinouts/Switches archive. Simply use the filename for the entry you want (request the pinouts post for details on filenames) as the keyword and follow the instructions above.

This server uses my Fidonet BBS. Fidonet is by its very nature very quirky and my programming can be flakey. Therefore, it *can* take a day or so for the message to get back to you. It WILL get there, if you follow the instructions above. Just give it time.

If you have any questions or problems, please email me at: or

Finally, there is a NEW mailserver available on the net, and here's the info recently posted to the newsgroup describing it :


[begin quoted text here]

Here is the latest list of FAQs available from my mailserver and instructions on how to get them.

Instructions: Send mail to with the *subject* line being the command below. (Note: my mailserver is *not* case sensitive.) Separate queries must be sent for each desired FAQ.

Be patient! Queries are only answered when I log in (which is usually twice a day or more). If you do it right, you will get what you want. If you don't get what you want within 2 days, check your spelling and that the command is in the Subject: line, and try again.

A * by the name of the FAQ denotes a new FAQ.

(place this
in Subject:)            For this FAQ:
------------            ------------------------------------
send primal             * Primal Rage (NEW v.93--thanx Zargon!)
send dslong             DarkStalkers LONG
send dsshort            DarkStalkers SHORT
send mk2                MKII v16 (v20 coming as soon as it's
                        finalized and released...still not
                        yet folks...)
send ssfIIt             Super Street Fighter II Turbo
send ssf2               Super Street Fighter II
send sf2                Street Fighter II (Hyper)
send revx               Revolution X
send jam                NBA JAM Tournament Edition
send pongkomb           Pong Kombat!
send virtua             Virtua Fighter
send tmek               T-MEK
send rgva     
send wh2j               World Heroes II Jet
send aof2               Art of Fighting 2

Note to FAQ providers: Please let me know when you have an updated FAQ ready for posting, and tell me either where to find it or mail it to me. Thanx!

Send questions, comments, flames, FAQs, ideas, etc. to the same address Enjoy!

[end quoted text here]

Lastly, if you know of any other sites, please let me know so I can add them to this list.

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