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The SS1 Charlotte Guide

by Scott Fujimoto

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Charlotte is the best and most well-rounded character in SS. She has quick, long-ranged ground attacks. She has a fast jump, coupled with a wide-area, high priority AB. Finally, she has a multitude of air counters to avoid getting jumped herself. On the down side, she doesn't have a high-damage ground AB like Haohmaru does, and she lacks a missile weapon. Most importantly, she is not very versatile and cannot really initiate any attacks by herself. In other words, she is reactive.

That last point bears repeating. In general, the fighters in SS can be ranked on a scale from active to reactive. Ukyo is on the "active" end of the scale, because he can do many tactics to out-psyche his opponents, like his slide or ground-air TG. However, if these tactics fail, Ukyo is vulnerable to counter-attack. Charlotte is the opposite of Ukyo. She can't really initiate any attacks by herself, besides poking her opponent or jumping, and the last is vulnerable to anti-air attacks. Her Splash Fount is next to useless, and her Power Gradation is good only for air defense. On the other hand, she can play a tight defensive game, and it is here that her quick ground attacks, good anti-air defenses, and quick jump are critical. Charlotte when played at her best is nearly immune to attacks, while able to counter-attack anything her opponent does in return. But what is important here is that Charlotte can't really do an attack unless her opponent makes a move first!

Novice Charlotte players stick to her quick jump and air AB, hoping to jump their opponents to death. This will work against opponents who haven't developed good air defense skills yet, and so among a group of beginner to average SS players, Charlotte can be devastating. However, against skilled opponents who have good air defenses (or playing characters with easy anti-air attacks, like Wan Fu), this single-minded tactic will fail.

At the highest levels of play, the key to winning with Charlotte is to know how to counter any move your opponent does. A Charlotte player must not only know how her own character, but she must know the strengths and weaknesses of every other character as well! What is the range and speed of your opponent's attacks? When is he vulnerable? When can he hit you out of your own attacks? And so on. The learning curve with Charlotte thus mirrors her opponent, because the better your opponent gets, the better you must be in figuring out what tactics he is using and countering them. This is what I mean when I say Charlotte is a reactive character.

This is also why she is probably the best character in the game, although she is still balanced. SS by its nature is a reactive game, as opposed to being an offensive one. Charlotte thus suits it perfectly - in fact, she is a better symbol of the game than Haohmaru. It's also the reason why she is not "cheap" or "unbalancing." Remember that once you learn how to counter her jump, Charlotte can't really initiate any attacks against you. She can only react to what you do. So if you start getting creamed by Charlotte, it's because of what you are doing, not because she has some invincible attack that you cannot stop!

In summary, the two most important qualities a Charlotte player needs is

  1. Knowledge of all the characters in the game, so she knows how to best counter her opponent,
  2. Quick reflexes, so you can immediately hit your opponent when he is open.
Hopefully, this guide will give you some insight into the first quality. The second you will have to develop by yourself. :-)

General Strategies

What Charlotte can initiate:

  1. Standing and crouching A-thrusts - these attacks are long-ranged, quick, and do not usually leave Charlotte open to counter-attack. In addition, if your opponent starts an attack at about the same time, he will get hit out of it by your own attack. They are thus safe to initiate against an opponent. Your B-thrusts do more damage and have slightly greater range, but are slower and you can get hit out of them more easily. It's best to stick to As, with some Bs to keep your opponent off guard.
  2. Jumping and either kick or AB - Charlotte is actually most vulnerable to counter-attack when jumping. Your kick has a better chance of hitting your opponent out of their anti-air attacks than your AB. However, it does a lot less damage. You can initiate a jump attack occassionally to keep your opponent off guard or when you anticipate an attack (like Haohmaru about to do his AB). If you guess right, AB him while he's open, since this is a good way to do lots of damage. If you guess wrong, do a kick to minimize your chances of getting counter-attacked.
  3. Crouch kicks - this may surprise your opponent because it needs to be blocked low. However, this is a slow attack and leaves you open so don't do it regularly.

What Charlotte can react with:

  1. B-thrust - if you need a quick retaliatory attack, this is the one to do as it is long-ranged and actually does roughly as much damage as your ground ABs!
  2. Anti-air attacks - your crouching AB, AB PG, jumping kick, or CD knee hop all have excellent priority against air attacks.
  3. Jump and AB - best for jumping over Special Moves, like missile throws, or normal attacks that have BIG recovery times, like Wan Fu's lunging AB.

Summary of Charlotte's attacks:

Ground Ranges (far to near)
Standing B, Standing A (slightly shorter), top of Far Standing AB slash, Crouching B, Crouching A (slightly shorter), top of Close Standing AB slash, any crouch kick, Crouching AB.

Her standing hops are slightly different, as she is propelled forward by them. CD is the farthest hop and C is the shortest.

Ground Quickness (quick to slow)
Crouching AB is actually your quickest attack. Then comes standing and crouching A, knee hops, and crouching C. Then standing and crouching B, standing AB, and crouching D. Finally crouching CD is her slowest.
Ground Recoveries (best to worst)
Standing and crouching A, Standing and crouching B, Crouching AB, Far and close standing AB. Don't miss with the last one!
Air Ranges
Her air D and CD have a slightly greater range than her air slashes, which all have the same range. Her air AB can hit behind her, though. Her air C "knee" has the shortest range.
Air Durations
Her air D, A, and AB come out almost instantly and are finished almost instantly. Her air CD and B come out more slowly. The air B also has a longer slash duration, about one quarter of her jump. Her air C has the longest duration, which is the whole length of her jump. If you do her C knee as soon as she leaves the ground, it will be extended until she lands again.

Descriptions of Charlotte's attacks:

A-THRUST - Prodding attack.
This attack is very fast, long-range, and opponents have trouble blocking it. Does little damage but is relatively safe. Standard strategy is to A-thrust and move away constantly ("prodding"). Also good for "pushing away" characters.
B-THRUST - Quick retaliation attack and slower prodding attack.
Mix up your A and B-thrusts when prodding your opponent. You can also thrust opponents from far away when they land, but opponents can hit you out of your thrust first if they time it right with their ABs. Be careful. Best as a quick retaliation against an occupied foe, or one who is trying to approach you, but slower and more vulnerable than A-thrusts when prodding. Also, do this to hit a recovering opponent crouching close to you (i.e. Ukyo after a blocked diving attack) instead of your crouching AB - your crouching B does more damage and is longer-ranged! But be careful about Charlotte's "blind spot" with her low As and Bs - see below.
STANDING TRIANGLE - Far air defense and near retaliation attack.
You can hit opponents landing farther away with your AB. However, it does little damage and you can still be hit out of it (although less likely than with a B). As a ground attack, it's not very good: slow to come out, does about as much damage as a B, and has a HUGE recover time if you miss. Do thrusts instead, although the close AB can do fair damage if your have a REALLY close opponent who is open. Nevertheless, I don't use her standing AB often.
AIR TRIANGLE - Retaliation attack.
This AB does massive damage and is the attack you do to get a life advantage in order to win. Do not initiate for CPU Wan-Fu, Nakoruru, or Charlotte, or against good human players since they probably have worked out air defenses. Best to do against foes when occupied (e.g. missiles, swings, rushes). The key to winning is to know how long it takes for her to jump and AB someone, then look for instances when you can do this against an open opponent. Note that the lower you hit with the triangle (i.e. longer wait to swing), the more damage you will do. Also, careful with the range - due to Charlotte's short jump, you may miss totally with the AB if you're not careful. When in doubt, do a kick instead.
This is a quick attack that you may want to do if an opponent jumps at you while you're in the air. However, I usually do a D kick instead since it's just as fast and thrusts out lower, which means it hits your opponent sooner.
The good thing about this attack is that it sticks out for a long duration. Initiate just as you descend from your jump and it will hit both ground opponents and opponents who try to jump at you. Against characters who do this as air defense (most notably the ninjas and Jubei), you may want to use this move.
These are great air defenses: all have high priority and do decent damage. Train yourself to reflexively do all of these moves when your opponent jumps on you.

The PG must be done as soon as possible ESPECIALLY against Kyoshiro and Jubei, because Charlotte is vulnerable at the very beginning when she crouches down. During the actual move she is invulnerable. Always do an AB PG, as it is the quickest. A PG leaves you less vulnerable than a triangle for opponents with long-ranged air attacks (Kyoshiro and Amakuza, especially). However, you may be kicked out of it, in which case do a triangle instead, which is a fraction quicker.

The crouch AB must be done late because it comes out very fast. If you have good reflexes, do the AB PG. If you don't or are recovering from a move, do the crouch AB instead.

The standing CD is good for foes jumping ON you, when your other attacks would miss, or if you are getting hit out of them, since this one is instantaneous. However, do fairly late or they can counter by attack early. The standing CD is also good against "falling" characters after missed special attacks. Throw or jump away right after a successful attack, since you'll end up next to your foe.

CROUCH KICK - Low attack and throw avoidance.
A "surprise" attack against human opponents and computer opponents, since they must block low. The CD kick is too slow; do a D kick instead which is still not too quick. The C-kicks are handy to push away foes trying to throw you, especially the ninjas!
AIR KICK - Quicker air attack.
An alternative air attack in cases where you are being hit first, or need greater range. Note your leg has a longer reach than any of your sword attacks, allowing you to attack from further back if needed. Initiate a CD at the top of a jump, as your leg will be extended on the way down. A D-kick can be executed on the spot, to counter counter-attacks. A good combo is to do a crouch kick upon landing as well.
AIR C KNEE - Alternative air attack.
Charlotte's amazing Knee of Doom. This attack can last the entire duration of your jump - if you push C right after jumping, she will continue to have her knee extended until you land. If people tend to jump when you jump and hit you first, try doing this to frustrate them. However, it won't do much damage and is mainly used to be annoying.
SPLASH FOUNT - Tick off points from the CPU.
This move is useless against human opponents, even if their character is dizzy. It can be used to tick off points from CPU opponents, since many do not retaliate afterwards or have the sense to jump over you. The safest time to do this is to tick off the last points of an opponent getting up. But this move is basically useless.


Charlotte has the quickest jump in the game. This combined with her excellent air AB and good kicks means she can initiate jumping attacks better than any other character. It also means that she can actually use her jump as a retaliatory attack against characters with slow recoveries on their attacks. However, note that her jump range is very short. You must be careful not to miss with her AB by not jumping far enough, and also be VERY careful about not jumping into Hanzo's slinky or Gen-an's poison cloud when trying to jump over them!

Moving on the ground:

She moves the same speed backwards and forwards, which is useful for doing a back-and-forth fencing strategy. Her run and hopping back speed are decent.

Weapon skill stats:

Her epee is surprisingly good at not breaking. However, try not to lock swords because she will probably lose and your opponent will do everything to keep you from getting your sword back. Also, don't do the sword-catch move because she rates LAST at this ability!

The Rage Gauge:

Doesn't actually play that big a role for Charlotte. It fills up fairly fast and she stays mad for a long time, but she doesn't do that much more damage when powered up.

Charlotte's "blind spot":

While standard tactics call for crouching As and Bs against close opponents to guard against low kicks, there is a certain distance from Charlotte where her close low As and Bs will come out, but will miss! Be on the lookout for this, and switch to your crouching D kicks if necessary.

Against dizzy opponents:

Do a jump triangle over your opponent so that you hit him in the back. Stand off a little, jump, and do your triangle late so that two of your sword streaks hit the middle of your opponent. At just the right timing, you'll do the most damage. You can tell because two blood splotches will appear on your opponent, AND you can B- thrust him afterwards, doing lots of damage. The timing is hard to do, though, so practice!

Taking advantage of bombs:

Against a turtling opponent crouching in the corner, learn to know exactly when the bombs the Edo man throws against him will go off. They glow briefly right before then. Run up and throw the sucker when the bomb goes off and he is in block stun. Or jump right when it glows. If your opponent makes any move, he will get hit by the bomb. If he stays put, he will get hit by your air attack if he was crouching or you can throw him if he is standing.

Strategies against specific characters:

General comments are first, followed by general counters against the particular character's moves and the best tactics he/she can deploy. Lastly is some advice for taking advantage of particular CPU patterns.


The main thing with Haohmaru is to be cautious. You can out-thrust him, but all he needs one good AB to have an advantage. Nevertheless, you should in general be able to poke him to death as he doesn't really have any other good attacks. Use standard tactics. Play cautiously, prodding him with your As and Bs, and try to see when he will toss a whirlwind or try to AB you.





An expert Ukyo player is a real challenge, as Ukyo can be very tricky if played right. You must be on guard against his TGs and his slides especially. Charlotte's lack of a damaging retaliatory attack (except her air AB) is a disadvantage here.





Galford is quick, but in general doesn't do that much damage. Also, the dog is more a liability than an asset. Still, watch out for any tricky moves he might pull with his Specials.





Like Galford, but harder. Watch out for the old "toss a slinky and run up to SPD" trick especially.





A turtling monster. You must get him to attack somehow, but if you get ahead of life, then YOU can turtle and make things hard for him!





He's got good range, but he's slow in both attacking and jumping. Beat him at his own game!





Gen-an is actually a lot like Charlotte, except uglier. :-) Unless he plays recklessly, it will be the war of the prodders.





Nakoruru is one of the best characters in the game if played expertly. You've got the definite range advantage and are almost as quick, but she can Anna Mutsube through your thrusts if she times it right, and the overall damage will be in her favor. In general, play very defensively and hope you prod her into making mistakes.





Tam-Tam is tricky due to his jumping slash. You can try to get into a fencing match with him (you are quicker), but he can also do an immediate jump slash and hit you out of your thrusts.If you block at the right time, you can hit him afterwards, but the damage he can do to you outweighs what you can do to him. Do one or two A thrusts, then block and hope he tries to anticipate you and jumps. Low A thrusts are safer as well so you may want to stick to those.





Wan-Fu is made to turtle. However, you can turtle just as well, and are both quicker and have superior range, so you have the advantage against him.





Jubei is a fairly average fighter, with the exception of a very good air-ground AB attack.





Avoid these fights, as they are boring. Two reactive characters do not make a good fight.

Counters and jumping:



  1. Getting the first hit in the first round - crouch and do A-thrusts until he tries to jump on you, then crouch triangle/PG him and activate the glitch.
  2. On the second round, try this WINNING STRATEGY: A-thrust him from some distance, but be sure he blocks. He will often respond with a ball swing. Jump immediately and triangle him - you will hit and do a lot of damage. A few hits like this and you will win!
    WARNING: either stand far enough away from his low swing or crouch when you initiate the A-thrust, or he'll hit you with his ball sweep.
  3. Do not attack him if he lands far away (he'll kick you), but do PG if he lands on you (he will hit you if you do a triangle). This is the other way you can do consistent damage.
  4. You cannot jump on him first; his hand drill will hit you.
  5. You can usually beat him in the air, but you don't do much damage.
  6. If you are jumping into a space he teleports into, triangle. You may hit him, doing substantial damage. If you miss, you may get thrown. Ouch.
  7. When he does the Smoke Trick, move to where you want him to be, then jump away.
  8. Spectre Launch, Sphere Launch - the missiles are hard to recognize and come out very fast. Jump them, as if you block he may teleport into your space and throw you.
  9. Nuke - if he jumps and disappears, move around until you start blocking! If you want to take a risk, jump up right when he is about to land and triangle him on the way down. If you jump too soon, you will run into the nuke cloud.

Bonus Rounds

You need to stand in the middle between two of the figures. If you stand too closely to any of them, you won't hit them! You can hit the two nearest to you without moving, but for the farthest one you may have to walk forward a little. But always return to a position between the figures. The ones that pop up from the ceiling can be hit by your air AB easily. Remember your A-thrusts won't cut the figures!


In general, your A-thrusts are more dependable in combos than your B-thrusts.

Human Opponents in General

  1. Keep a thrusting-distance from them at all times. Keep far away enough to be out of the range of most attacks, yet close enough to jump on them if they do something stupid.
  2. Thrust them a lot with A-thrusts to keep them away. If they initiate any moves, they will usually get hit as well. You can also try a crouch D-kick for surprise, although this is slower.
  3. If they try running up to throw you, C-kick to push them away.
  4. B-thrust them as a reaction to any moves they do as a quick retailiation (e.g. missed swings).
  5. Jump and triangle them for any moves they do that take some time (e.g. special moves).
  6. Initiate a jump triangle and hope they do something stupid if you're desparate or they look clueless. Crouch immediately when you land; many opponents will attempt a low attack right after they block a triangle. Or go for a throw if you feel mean.
  7. If they are hitting you out of your jump, try for a kick instead.
  8. If they jump on you, do a crouch triangle (if they kick you out of an upward), PG (if they can hit you with a triangle), or knee thrust (if neither work) as appropriate.
  9. Against really tough opponents, try this cheap strategy: sit in the corner and A-thrust/D-kick your foe if he tries to get near you. Triangle or upward slash when he tries to jump on you. Straight jump all missile weapons at last moment, D-kicking anybody who approaches you while you do so. Drives them nuts!

Charlotte Background Info

Thanks to Galen and Eddie!

Name:Charlotte Christine Colde (possibly Corday)
Aka:Charlie, Char, Shar-u-lott-o, that #@?! bitch, Le French Tart
Occupation:Head of the guard at Versailles. Defender of France.
School:None. She was taught by a French fencing tutor, though.
Weapon Inscription:La Louche, an epee
Age:27 years
Homeland:Versailles, France
Blood type:B
Height:6 feet
Weight:105 pounds (I seriously doubt 6 feet, 130-140 pounds would be more appropriate)
Bust/Waist/Hip:86-55-89 (as a comparison, Mai is 85-54-90)
Family:Serge (father)
Josephine (mother)
<karudan> (older brother)
Pierre (carrier pigeon)
Personal Treasure:Portrait of her first boyfriend (I'm jealous!)
Likes:Red roses
Misc. Info:Based on the Rose of Versailles manga character Oscar Francois de Jarjayes, a woman who donned men's clothes and became the head of the guard at Versailles. She later joined the French Revolution. Note that Charlotte also seems to be part of the French Aristocracy, based on her quotes. Her ending is not contradictory, because the French Revolution was actually initially started by radical French Aristocrats.

Notes on armor and weapons

Charlotte's weapon is probably an epee, because it doesn't seem to have any sharp edges, unlike a rapier, and it has a very thin blade unlike a sabre. What's ironic is that, despite having the thinnest weapon of all the characters, her epee is actually more sturdy than Earthquake's and Tam Tam's weapons!

Her rather unique-looking top armor is composed of a breast plate, two roundish shoulder plates, and a back plate all hooked up to an upper armored girdle. She also has knee protectors and what appears to be extra upper arm guards jutting out of the shoulder plates. If you ask me, all this protection should have the effect of reducing the amount of damage she takes...


First win:
Brushes hair and goes "Uh-huh."
Second or weaponless win:
Tosses a rose and laughs.
Folds arms.
First loss:
On knees, clutching stomach, breathing heavily.
Time-out loss:
On hands and knees, cries, looks at you.

Quotes and dialogue

CPU before match:
All warriors are not called "sir". Twit!
Don't ever talk about my breastplate again!
CPU before mirror match:
You dare confront me? You are plucky, but, sadly, dead.
After fatal finish:
A woman of my breeding cannot lose.
After non-fatal finish:
Au revoir, petit chou. For I will seize victory from vous.
After special finish:
I live to break the grip of tyrants and enslave my enemies.
After mirror finish:
Protecting the honor of my family is my bread and brie...
C: "He's finished."
C: "!"
C: "What is this...!"
[Amakusa appears]
A: "Call me Amakusa, Amakusa!"
C: "Ambrosia"
A: "Hehe. The dark guy rules your puny land. Join me, and rule together."
C: "Silence. Taste the fury of my wrath."
A: "Then die you crazy funster!"
[He disappears]
C: "Geez. You stink!"
Charlotte stands in front of the rock. "Far East tour... what a let down!" A carrier pigeon flies in. "Pierre? What is it?" Pierre lands on Charlotte's arm. "Well, uh... (the note unfurls) The revolution! I will lead the proles." Cut to map of Japan and scroll to France. Cut to the palace area where an aristocrat is battling with three peasants with rakes and hoes. He says, "Desist all!! Go back to your huts." Charlotte rushes in very fast and mows down the noble ("SPLASH FOUNT!" ch-ch-ch-ch- ching! and the noble flies back). The peasants cheer, "Charlotte!" She says, "We face the enemy. Forward." The peasants cheer and follow her.

Any combos, tactics, or tips for my favorite character, e-mail me...

 - Scott Fujimoto  <>
  Head of the Charlotte fan club

"A fabulous babe with unbeatable moves. I am magnifique."   - Charlotte

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