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Hello once again! Well, some mistakes were found and some people asked for a different type of format so I decided to correct the problems and make two types of faqs; one with ascii directions and one with D,DF,F style directions. If there is anything that you would like changed then feel free to e-mail me. Thanks again to everyone who helped me. Enjoy! oh, I have seen people say that the motion for Sophia's Laugh taunt is incorrect. Hmm, I can seem to do it; Does anyone have a different motion for it?

Toh Shin Den - Basics

Toh Shin Den - Moves list

The special moves are listed with ascii directions which represent one of the eight directions on the pad.

           O  O  O                 Assume that the word Slash means
            \ | /                  either Slash. Same applies to Kicks.
    (Left) O-   -O (Right)
            / | \
           O  O  O

 * all moves listed as if facing right

Here's a shortcut to the moves description for each fighter in the game: Eiji Shinjo, Mondo, Kayin Amoh, Ellis, Sophia, Duke B. Rambert, RunGo Iron, Fo Fai, Gaia, SHO.

Super Moves

Super moves are special moves that can be done at any time but can be a pain to pull off. Most are worth the effort and they look cool! Attacks in ( ) mean that you must hit both attack buttons listed at the same time.

Desperation Moves

Desperation moves are moves that can only be done when your energy bar is flashing red. These can drastically change the outcome of a match. They are easy to do and can take away alot of energy. Another way of doing them is to hit the two right top buttons simultaneously.

Eiji Shinjo

Weapon: Nihontoh
Rekku Zan
|  \  -O + Slash
O   O

Eiji slashes his sword releasing a flaimg fireball that hurles toward his opponent.

Hisho Ken
-O  |  \ + Slash
    O   O

Eiji rushes forward hitting his opponent multiple times before finishing with a spiral uppercut.

Ryuu Sei Dan
|  /  O- + Kick

A vertical kick downwards that can catch your opponent off (while jumping) guard.

Dash Kick
\  + Kick

A sliding kick that will trip up your opponent.

O  |  O  |  -O O- -O O- + (Hard Slash, Hard Kick)
|  O  |  O

Eiji produces a fireball with twice the strength of his normal fireball. Try executing the up, down motions during a hard slash. This will keep you from jumping.

-O \  |  /   O- / | \ -O + Hard Slash
    O O O      O  O  O

Eiji rushes his opponent then kicks and punches them before finishing with a Hi shyou zan.


Weapon: Spear
Gou riki ten bu
-O  |  \  + Slash
    O   O

Mondo leaps into the air performing an uppercut like move.

Gou riki fuu zin
O- / | \ -O + Slash
  O  O  O

Mondo walks forward spinning his spear which hits his opponent multiple times.

Gou riki rai zin
|  \  -O + Slash (while jumping)
O   O

Mondo throws a fireball down on his opponent while he is in the air. It is possible to do this move when coming down from the Gou riki ten bu.

Shitsu buu zu ki (JyoDan)
|  / O- + Slash

Mondo extends his spear which will hit his opponent in the chest.

Shitsu buu zu ki (GeDan)
| \ -O + Slash
O  O

Mondo extends his spear along the ground hitting his opponent multiple times.

    O O O
-O /  |  \ O- -O \  | + (Hard Slash
                  O O    Hard Kick)

Mondo slides forward as he spins his spear which is engulfed by flames then he finishes with an uppercut.

DESPERATION MOVE: Choriki: Daibutsumetsu
| \ -O | \ -O  O- + Hard Slash
O  O   O  O

Mondo leaps into the air and throws an arc of fireballs down towards his opponent.

Kayin Amoh

Weapon: Claymore
Sonic Slash
|  \  -O + Slash
O   O

Kayin slashes his sword which produces a flaming fireball.

Deadly Raise
-O  |  \ + Slash
    O  O

Kayin dashes forward hitting multiple times then finishes with a spinning uppercut.

Raging Sun
|  /  O- + Kick (while jumping)

Kayin performs a somersault kick in the air producing an arc of electricity.

Shoulder Crush
|  /  O- + Kick

Kayin performs an overhead split kick and comes crashing down on his opponent.

-O \  |  O- / O- -O O- + (Weak Kick, Hard Kick)
    O O    O

Kayin does three split kicks in a row and finishes with a Flash Kick. Looks hard but it is easy once you do it a couple times.

-O \  |  / O- / | \ -O + Hard
    O O O    O  O  O     Slash

Kayin pummels his opponent with punches and kicks and ends with a Shoulder Crush into a Deadly Raise.


Weapon: Dirk
Homing Swallow
|  /  O- + Kick

Ellis jumps into the air and somersaults towards her enemy.

Soar Wind
-O  |  \  + Slash
    O   O

Ellis slides into her opponent and then rises up ending with a spining uppercut.

Screw Dancing
|  /  O-  + Kick (while jumping)

Ellis somersault kicks in the air producing an arc of sparks. It is possible to do this move during her Homing Swallow move.

Arc Slash
|  /  O-  + Slash (while jumping)

A diving down attack that will catch unsuspecting opponents off guard.

Ribbon Toss
      O O O
  -O /  |  \  O- + (Weak Slash Hard Kick)

Ellis tosses out her ribbon at her opponent. Short range but fast.

\  |  / | \  O- -O |
 O O O  O  O       O  + (Hard Slash, Hard Kick)

Ellis will perform her special moves in succesion on her opponent.

-O O- -O O- + Hard Slash

She somersaults towards her opponent and begins to pummel them with kicks and slashes which does considerable damage.


Weapon: Whip
Thunder Ring
|  /  O- + Slash

Sophia cracks her whip from electical rings are produced.

Aurora Revolution
-O \  |  /  O- + Slash
    O O O

Sophia twirls around hitting her opponent with her whip.

Rattle Snake
|  \  -O + Slash
O   O

Sophia whips her whip around very rapidly hitting anything close to her.

Laugh Taunt
-O \  | \  -O O- | + Slash
    O O  O       O

Sophia taunts her opponent with that dastardly laugh.

\  |  / | \  O- -O | + (Hard Slash, Hard Kick)
 O O O  O  O       O

Sophia begins to whip her whip around violently producing flames as she walks towards her opponent Does a fair amount of damage.

-O O- -O O- + Hard Slash

Sophia leaps into the air spinning toward her opponent and hitting them a number of times before landing.

Duke B. Rambert

Weapon: Two handed sword
Southern Cross
O- -O \   | + Slash
       O  O

Duke dashes forward pummeling his opponent before finishing with a somersault slash.

|  \  -O  + Slash
O   O

Duke does an overhead two handed slash.

Helm Crush
|  \  -O  + Slash (while jumping)
O   O

Duke points his sword down and comes crashing down on top of his opponent.

Ogre Slash
-O  / | \  + Slash
   O  O  O

Duke leaps into the air and comes down on his opponent with a powerful slash to the head.

\  |  / | \  | O- -O + (Weak Slash
 O O O  O  O O          Weak Kick)

Duke swings his sword around and then slashes down at his opponent creating a stream of flames from his sword.

O- / | \ -O \  |  / O- + Hard
  O  O  O    O O O       Slash

Duke spins his sword around before coming down on his opponent with a powerful slash to the head.

RunGo Iron

Weapon: Mace
Shima to daichi no ikari
|  \  -O + Slash
O   O

Run Go slams his mace into the ground creating a stream of flames.

Daichi no mezame
-O  |  \ + Kick
    O   O

A vertical leaping headbutt.

Daichi no otake bi
-O \  |  / O- + Slash
    O O O

Run Go charges his enemy hitting them numerous times before he finishes with a swing to the head.

Daichi no ikari
|  \  -O O-  + Slash
O   O

Run Go crouches and releases a flaming blast from his hand.

 O O O
/  |  \  O-  / -O O- | + (Hard Slash,Hard Kick)
            O        O

Run Go rushes into his opponent bashing them before finishing with an uppercut which produces blue flames. Try doing a hard kick then executing the move. This will prevent him from jumping.

O- / | \ -O \  |  / O- + Hard
  O  O  O    O O O       Slash

Run Go slams the ground with his mace and a stream of flames rushes along the ground as well as vertically making it hard to avoid.

Fo Fai

Weapon: Iron Claw
Don paa ba
-O \  |  / O- + Slash
    O O O

Fo lets loose a huge stationary fireball of blue energy.

Ka bo re
|  /  O- + Kick

Fo performs a leaping kick that will knock his opponent out of the air.

Don don pa ba
-O \  |  / O- + Slash (while jumping)
    O O O

A fireball of blue energy released while he is in the air. Can be done up to five times before he drops to the ground.

Don do ku sho
-O  / | \ + Slash
   O  O  O

Fo jumps into the air and release a blue ball of energy as he moves across the playing field.

Claw slide
| + Hard Slash

Fo slides along the ground on his stomach tripping up his opponent his claws. Must be a step or more away from your opponent.

SUPER MOVE: Poooooooot
X, square, Triangle, Circle...

O- -O O- -O + (Hard Slash, Hard Kick)

Hit the four buttons in that order, tap back, tap forward, tap back, tap forward, then end the move by hitting Hard Slash and Hard Kick at the same time. You have to see the move to believe it.

-O O-  / | \  -O O- + Hard Slash
      O  O  O

Fo launches four blue energy balls directly at his opponent while running around them then finishes with a jumping in air energy blast.


Weapon: Armor Bastar
Full Stream
O-  / | \  -O + Slash
   O  O  O

Gaia sends out a barage of flames at a downward angle. This move will do some heavy damage.

Sea Slash
-O | \  + Slash
   O  O

Gaia will conjure up a powerful blast of water and send it hurling your way.

Arm Blast
-O  \  |  /  O- + Kick
     O O O

Gaia holds out his hand and a short but powerful flame is released.

SUPER MOVE: Spinning Bastar
\  |  /  | \  O-  -O | + (Hard Slash, Hard Kick)
 O O O   O  O        O

Gaia holds out his sword and begins to spin towards his enemy slashing them up repeatedly.

-O \  |  /  O- / | \ -O + Hard
    O O O     O  O  O     Slash

Gaia conjures up a huge fireball and launches it as his opponent. Very powerful.


Weapon: ???
Double Rekku Zan
|  \  -O + Slash
O  O

Sho slashes his sword which produces two fireballs, one after another.

Shoulder Tackle
|  /  O- + Kick

Sho performs a split kick which produces an arc of sparks. combos.

Hisho Ken
-O  |  \  + Slash
    O   O

Sho rushes hit opponent hitting them multiple times before ending with a spinning uppercut.

Raging Sun
|  O  + Kick (while jumping)
O  |

Sho will perform a somersault kick while in the air producing an arc of sparks.

Ryuu Sei Dan
|  /  O-  + Kick (while jumping)

An angular in air kick that can cause alot of damage if timed correctly.

       O O O
|  -O /  |  \  O-  | + (Hard Slash, Weak Kick)
O                  O

Sho slides towards his opponent enveloped by an aura of blue energy and then stands up and performs his Hisho Ken repeatedly before he leaves the ground for the final hit.

O- / | \ -O \  |  / O- + Hard
  O  O  O    O O O       Slash

Sho charges his opponent and if he hits he will begin to pummel his opponent finishing with a spinning uppercut. Same as Kayin's Desperation Move.

Toh Shin Den - Secrets and interesting things

To fight Sho who is the games real last boss, you must go through the game without using a continue and you must be on NORMAL difficulty or harder. Sho has the moves of Kayin and Eiji and then some. You will receive the games real endings by beating Sho.

When you beat the game on a difficulty below NORMAL, you will only fight Gaia. If you beat Gaia, you will recieve a desperation move. If you beat the game on a difficulty of NORMAL or harder and reach Sho by not using any continues, and beat him, you will recieve a super move. It is alright to continue when fighting against Sho.

Camera Options

Set your control config to any type that does not use the top buttons for special moves (i.e. control type 4). Now go to the Camera option and you will find a new view called Yourself. With this highlighted go back to the control configs and choose type 33 or higher. You will notice that the top buttons are now your camera angles. From here you can do multiple things...

Play as Gaia

To play as Gaia, at the title screen when the words come sliding from the sides onto the screen, do a fireball motion- (Down, Diagonal Down-Forward, Forward) and hit Weak slash. Weak slash is the Square button by default. You will hear the word "FIGHT!" confirming the code worked. Now on the character select screen, hold up on Eiji and hit any attack button. You can now play as Gaia.

Play as Sho

After inputting the Gaia code, choose Gaia and deliberately lose to your first opponent but do not continue. Now for the code to work, you must make sure you have a controller in port two. As in the Gaia code, when the opening title screen comes up and the words come sliding onto the screen, input Forward, Down, Diagonal Down-Forward and hit weak slash (aka Dragon Punch motion). You should hear "FIGHT!" confirming the code worked. Next, on the character select screen choose Kayin and hold down and hit any attack button. You can now play as Sho.

Instant Super Moves

After inputting the Gaia and Sho codes, choose Sho and loose deliberately. Make sure you have a controller in port one for the next part to work. Take controller one and as in the other codes, as the words come sliding across the screen hold diagonal down-right and hit the X button. You should hear "FANTASTIC!!" confirming that the code worked. Also the Vs. human etc. letters should now be white. Now, anytime during the fight, simultaneaously hit all top buttons and the select button at the same time. This will automatically perform your characters Super Move. (I think this only works with a control type that uses only two of the top four buttons for special moves. If I am wrong tell me.)

Kayin's stage

If you were wondering what the text says when you pause the game and see the Mario type image on one off the TV's, here is what it says. "Can you wait a minute" ; makes sense since you are pausing. This isn't a hint to a code unfortunately.

And for those who are wondering.....

I saw Ellis and Eiji dressed different and with big heads in a japanese PSX-mag. How can I get them?
The big head mode isn't actually in the game itself. It's on a CD that's included with the Tohshinden Perfect Fighting Book strategy guide (coming out Feb. 21 from Tokuma Shoten). The CD includes Ellis and Eiji in two styles. The two dressed in black, and the big head mode (yes they have very big heads to give them a funny, cartoony look).


This list was not compiled by me alone. Alot of people are helping me. A BIG thanks to those who did. Please send me your e-mail address so I can reinclude it again. Unfortunately this copy I found after I deleted my original (oops) had the credits taken out by someone.


Thanks to...

David Amor
Lee Saito
Dr. Donut
Justin Beech
Nick Rox
John Lagerling
Rob Nava

I wouldn't know half of the codes, moves and proper move names without their help.

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